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Clothes Airer Best Gift After iPod

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 147   |   Comments: 0

The iPod range of products powers ahead like a rocket. Steve Jobs their CEO appeared recently to announce record sales of iPod applications. They are also the largest music store on the planet. Sales of iPhone have broken records. Steve Jobs had a successful kidney transplant and steams on to make more Apple inventions in the future. Without doubt the iPod has become the gift of recent years. Highly user friendly it gives great service to all who own one.

The clothes airer must come close as a natural carbon free gift suitable for all family and friends. The clothes airer is ideal for those confined to the home. Wall mounted at head or waist height it is completely accessible even to the wheelchair user. 

In the darkest city areas or tough neighbourhoods your airer takes the load and avoids the risks lurking outside. No opportunity for the petty thief to remove your precious designer jeans from the line. Floor standing airers are ideally portable. From room to room or on the patio or veranda this is the work horse of airers. Perfect in mini format to fit inside the standard bath. Ideal for drip drying those specially washed woollens or embroidered items.  

Wall mounted airers or drying racks come in various types. Quality impact resistant materials with strong suspension rods or corrosion proof aluminium. Some with fixed arms folding away into a wall mounted box and others fully retractable concertina style. 

Easily wall mounted they come with template and fixings supplied in the box. Wonderful when fitted as a double decker arrangement one above the other. Or side by side utilising a space higher up the wall. Imagine the joy when given as a gift. A gift that created zero carbon emissions. Ideal for use by the whole family. Costs zero to run. Preserves the life of your clothes and reduces your carbon footprint every time you use it. 

Look out iPod you could lose your crown!

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