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Clickbank Product Security Concerns That You Should Be Aware Of

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

Shoplifting and theft are a big thing in the offline retail world and alot of security has been put in place to counteract these measures. In the online world also, security is a primary focus also for business owners, and this is especially true with the website of Clickbank.com.

Clickbank.com is an affiliate marketplace where people sign up to promote digital products of internet merchants. Clickbank is very popular and as a result of their popularity, many thieves try their best to "break the system" and get digital products for free.

This is a big concern for internet merchants who sell their product on Clickbank, and is something that you should be concerned about also if you're selling your product through them also. There are ways to counteract theft with Clickbank, and this is what this article will touch on. You should do everything that you can to protect your profits since you worked on giving your ingenuity in the form of an informational product.

One great way to prevent Clickbank product theft is to not link to your download page from other pages on your website. You shouldn't try to further your marketing efforts by doing this as it can be problematic for you as your website rankings increase. To be safe, the only way that some should be able to download your product is if they click on the Clickbank payment link and order your product.

You shouldn't link to your product from other pages of your website as this can create a "backdoor" to your product download page. The page you're linking from may show up in the search engines, thereby allowing others to download your product. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing may find your webpages and rank them high in their search results. Many merchants dream of being ranked high in the search engines, but I'm sure that this isn't the way that they want to do it.

There is one way around search engine problem and that is with something called a "robots.txt" file. With this file, you're telling the search engines not to crawl certain areas of your website. The search engines will read this file, and whatever directories you list not to show in the search engines they won't crawl.

The technique has its perks, and its drawback. The perk is that your files won't get leaked via the search engines. But the drawback is that hackers know about this file and will use it to their advantage to find out where your products are. You have to decide what is more important to the security of your product and your website when listing your products for sale.

There are some things however that are out of your control when protecting your download links. Some people will take your download page and post them all over the internet for others to see. The amount of theft that occurs from this happening is very small, but if you have a good security system in place, then you shouldn't be too concerned about this.

The security of your Clickbank product is a must if you want to earn more sales and protect your profits. Good luck with implementing security in your products, and earning more money with Clickbank.

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