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Clickbank Made Easy

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 35   |   Comments: 0

Hopefully in this article, i can give you a few hints and tips whilst starting out with clickbank. i hope you find this clickbank made easy article helpful.

Clickbank is the first step for most affiliates and makes it easy to start of with affiliate marketing and internet marketing in general. But before i start, what is clickbank. Well clickbank is an ffiliate program network€¦this means that they are the middle station between affiates and the real product sellers. Ok so you now not what clickbank is all about. So lets break it down into steps of how to start off promoting and earning commission and hopefully earning extra income with this clickbank made easy guide.

1) First things first go to clickbank and sign up for an account.

2) Find a product to promote, Now i would suggest clicking onto market place and setting the gravity setting to 30 or more, this is because anything with something below 30 gravity is not selling well, and affiliates aren't making a lot of money promoting these products

3) Promote your hoplink

Now don't worry, i am going to go into more detail on these steps, after all this is clickbank made easy :D

Signing up to clickbank

You want to go to clickbank.com, enter your details and choose an affiliate ID, once you have entered all the details, you want to check your email for the 8 digit code to confirm your account. Also make sure you keep the confirmation email safe, your going to need it each time as it has your username and password, next step log into clickbank 
Find a product to promote

You now need to find a product to promote

This can be anything you like, personally i don't use the clickbank market place, i use CB engine, type it into google. Its just so much easier to use plus it gives you some extra info on the products and how well they are doing. Sticking to the clickbank marketplace, what you want to do is set the settings for gravity to more then 30. This is because it will show you products that are making clickbank affiliates money. You also want to look for A compelling landing page, one that does a good job of explaining why you would want to buy this product. Ok once you have done that, you now want to generate your hoplink. Hope so far your finding this clickbank made easy guide EASY.

Promoting your hoplink
Now that you have decided what product you want to promote as an affiliate, you want to generate a hoplink. What is a hoplink you ask, well a hoplink is like your personal link to the merchant page. When someone clicks on your hoplink, if they buy the product, you receive commission. So to create your hop link ,select a product from the Clickbank Marketplace and click Create HopLink, located below the product listing. This will pop open a new window, where you'll enter your ClickBank nickname, an optional Tracking ID, and click Create. The Tracking ID can be anything you like and can be used to see where most of your clicks are coming from.

Well i hope you found my clickbank made easy guide easy, my first steps into Affiliate marketing was through clickbank and so i decided to make this clickbank made easy article  to help people who are new to affiliate marketing

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