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Clickbank Ad Rotator - Will This Be the Replacement of Google AdSense? Find Out Now

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

Clickbank Ad Rotator is a simple and effective way of increasing and maximise the earnings that you are able to make on your website. Clickbank ad rotator is a brand new software development developed this year and as I have reviewed the software my self I can definitely say its worth buying. Let me explain what the benefits of using Clickbank ad rotator are and why I feel it's definitely worth getting.

Firstly what is Clickbank ad rotator it is a software package which allows you to fully optimise and customise your advert boxes which can then be copy and pasted on to your website. The advertising boxes look simple and professional and you have full control of the colours, width, height, text and much more.

The clickbank ad rotator adverts are optimised through the keywords you pick. Clickbank ad rotator is able to crawl through clickbank's own database of over 10,000 products to find the most relevant and targeted by using your keywords. This allows you to promote the most relevant products to your website viewers.

Doesn't this sound great, however not just this. Clickbank ad rotator is updated daily through clickbanks database to pick up every new product listing and every product listing which has been deleted or disappeared.

There is no hassle of creating a database or coding your own adverts its so simple a baby could do it, seriously it is. All you need to do is copy and paste. That's it.

Clickbank ad rotator allows you to maximise earnings on your website because instead of paying you cents clickbank ad rotator pays you per sale and the commission is big! We are talking about 50-70% commission for you.

Lets take a look at an example:

Say you have 100 clicks through your clickbank ad rotator on your website you receive $50 commission on a $100 product, thats a 50% commission which is quite low for clickbank. If you just receive 5 sales through those 100 clicks that's a 5% conversion rate which again is relatively low you will earn $250 commission off just 5 sales and 100 clicks. You wouldn't get anything like that with any other advertising program.

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