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Choosing the Right Glass TV Stand for Your Home

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 68   |   Comments: 0

Glass TV stands can provide a modern and attractive way to display your television. These useful items of furniture can also have additional shelves. This provides you with a tidy way to put all of your home entertainment equipment together such as speakers, amplifiers, DVD players and video games consoles.

Size and Shape

Televisions are available in a wide range of sizes. When you buy your glass TV stand you will need to consider how big your television is and what other equipment you need to store. It is important you choose a glass TV stand that can safely support your television. The shape of the TV stand you choose will depend on the space you have available. You can get some practical corner glass TV stands that will fit into restricted spaces.

Types of Glass TV Stands

Most glass TV stands follow a similar design. The main body of the frame will be crafted from plastic, metal or wood with glass shelving provided for the television equipment. The most common form of glass is standard transparent but you can also get attractive tinted glass designs as well. This includes black, red and blue glass. These can create visually impacting statements and are ideal for rooms with bold, modern décor.

One of the main problems with transparent glass TV stands is that you will be able to see the cables. This is why it is important to choose a glass TV stand design that can offer cable management systems. This can simply be clips on the back of the stand to tidy cables up out of the way or there may special tubing which you can run cables through. These cable management systems help to keep everything tidy and organised.

If you do want to completely hide the television equipment and the cables from sight then you can get some nice designs which are basically wooden cabinets with frosted glass doors and shelves. These are available in a number of different finishes including beech, maple and oak so you should be able to find one that matches your other wooden furniture.

Caring for Glass TV stands

One problem with dark coloured glass TV stands is that they can show the dust. To keep shelves clean use a microfiber duster and wipe over the shelves once a day. Coloured glass can also show fingerprints but these can be easily wiped away with a little furniture polish and a duster.

Safety is a big issue when you have glass furniture in your home. You should always purchase toughened safety glass as this will not smash if damaged. If you have young children try to avoid glass TV stands that have sharp corners and look for designs with rounded edges instead. Modern televisions can be very light so it is a good idea to screw them into place to avoid them tipping over accidentally if you knock them.

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