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Choosing Between The Intravenous And The Oral Chelation Therapy

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

The human body is exposed to a variety of harmful toxins nearly all the time in our daily life. We have to face the severe attacks of toxin in our food, even in the water that we have to drink moreover in the air around us that we breath. The intense metal toxins like Lead, Mercury and Cadmium generally get collected and it then builds up the hazardous plaque in the blood vessels and arteries which further narrows the passage area for the streamline flow of the blood (which is medically known as the Atherosclerosis). This consecutively leads to all kinds of troubles and even severe heart problems such as heart attacks and it is also possible that it may eventually require a bypass surgery to get around the infertile arteries.

The therapy of chelation is the method in which, some chemicals bonds are formed with minerals and the metal toxin materials and they basically remove the harmful toxic material from the body. Chelation is a derivative of the Greek word that is known as "chele", which basically means, "clawing". The health centers have used this chelation oral therapy from a very long time and the primary chelation agents used in the therapy is known as Ethylene Diamine tetra acetic acid also famously known as EDTA. EDTA is an imitation amino acid that is very much useful in fastening with the injurious metals and then finally releasing it out from the human body with the help of urine.

Undergoing a chelation oral therapy is certainly the most efficient substitute as compared with the surgery of Atherosclerotic vascular infection. The chelation therapy when used appropriately has substantial effects on the patients and a lot of patients have been treated to good health without any requirement of angioplasty and bypass surgery.

There are fundamentally two basic types of chelation therapies, which are generally classified mainly on the basis of the method by which they are applied to the patients; first being the intravenous chelation therapy, in which the chelation agents are injected with the help of the veins and the second being the oral chelation therapy, in which the patient has to take the chelation agents with the help of his mouth simply as taking any other oral medicine. The intravenous chelation therapy is relatively costly and would essentially require a physician to help the patient; on the other hand, the oral chelation therapy is one of the simplest methods and is reasonably cheap as well.

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