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Choosing A Movie Package For Your Family-Dish

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

Fans who enjoy a variety of movies, championship boxing, comedy and series may find that Showtime is the best choice. Showtime offers 10 digital channels, four of which are available in high-definition. Showtime provides you with original series like TheDexter, Californication, The L Word, Nurse Jackie, The Tudors and many more. Sports fans will have championship boxing and mixed martial arts at their fingertips. The show Inside the NFL brings you clips of games that were on over the past week along with commentary from the hosts and interviews with your favorite players.
This premium package is also the exclusive home to Showtime "Beyond", the channel that caters to horror and sci-fi fans. You will not find this channel with Charter cable or Directv. Showtime Showcase offers original, first run movies and Showtime Extreme will take you on action-packed adventures. The Movie Channel shows mostly movies and behind-the-scenes features while the Sundance Channel will dazzle you with award-winning independent films. Flix offers cult classics and more from the 60's through the 90's.
This package is more adult-oriented as it does not offer a premium that caters solely to children. The Showtime premium package is great for a family with a large variety of interests. You may choose this package if you are more of an adventurous person as it offers a combination of sports, horror, action and daring series. Movie fans that enjoy unique independent movies as well as films from "the good-old-days" would also find this package interesting.
The HBO package delivers 8 premium channels in digital and in high definition. You will find a variety of movies, sports, comedy and concerts as well as original series like True Blood, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, Epitafios and more. Check out championship boxing as well as shows like Joe Buck Live and Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. You can also catch unique specials such as Robin Williams: Weapons of Self Destruction and The 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
HBO stands out from the rest of the premiums as it offers many exclusive documentaries. HBO Latino caters to Spanish-speaking movie fans, and offers Latin music videos and series. HBO Comedy has hilarious movies and stand-up performances and HBO Zone is focused on entertaining people between ages of 18 and 35. HBO Signature is targeted toward a female audience with relatable movies and breath-taking dramas. You can leave your television on the HBO Family channel for entertainment for the whole family without needing to worry about the content that your older children are viewing.
HBO is geared more toward entertaining the whole family with programming for the women of the house, the movie and sports fans, those who love to get hooked on original series and the kids! There is something for people of all ages including many movies of different genres.
The Cinemax package has 5 premium channels including four that are available in high definition. Why so few? Cinemax is wonderful at switching up their movies so there are fewer repeats. MoreMax is an extension of the original channel to allow even more space for intriguing films. ActionMax delivers lively entertaining movies including your favorite Hollywood action stars. 5StarMax offers unique films that stand out heads above the rest with Oscar-winning performances and captivating plots. Good things come in small packages and this little package is full of quality movies.
The Cinemax package is targeted to more mature audiences with sophisticated taste in films and adult entertainment.
This package has 8 channels with six in high definition. Starz is more focused on offering movies over sports and concerts, etc. There is a wide variety of movies for the whole family. Starz Kids & Family has movies that children can relate to from warm family stories to adventures. Starz InBlack features our favorite award-winning African-American Hollywood actors. Starz Cinema offers the films that you don't see every day including art-house films, independent films and foreign movies (This channel is one of the reasons I have this package). Starz Edge offers the most popular modern new releases. You can also find original series on Starz like Crash, Head Case, Spartacus: Blood and Sand and more.
Starz has movies to entertain everyone in your household from ages 5-105. If your family is more interested in movies than anything else, Starz is an excellent premium package.
Encore rocks. Not only does this package have a channel for almost every genre, it's also located in Dish Network's Classic Gold 250 Package, which is the second package to the top. This means that you do not need to add a premium to the package because one is already built in! Encore has a channel for Action, Drama, Love and Mystery. What premium channel do you know of that is dedicated solely to love stories? This package is perfect for those of you who love an occasional tearjerker or impossible love story! Encore WAM is dedicated to teenagers providing them with entertainment that they can relate to. Encore is also the exclusive home to the premium western movies that are hard to find on any other channel.
Encore does not have a particular channel dedicated to children but family-friendly films are usually easy to find in this package. If your family likes all movies, all the time, this is the package for you!

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