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Choose the Right Technique for Website Analysis

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

One of the best ways of web marketing is to analyze the traffic that you already have in your website. Inorder to meet the expectation of the visitors of your website, you will need to get a clear idea about who is visiting your website, from where there are visiting and which page of your website they visit more. These information could be obtained by using different web traffic analysis methods that are available today. Web page counter, statistical package from ISP and Web traffic analysis systems or softwares are the main web traffic analysis techniques that are in practice today. Let's see the difference between these techniques in the forth coming paragraphs.

The old Web Page counter
The oldest of the four web traffic analysis techniques is the €˜web page counter'. The web page counters may be either visible to the visitors also or invisible to them so that the website owners could only see the counter. These web page counters register the number of people who visit a particular page of your website. However, web page counter is a very basic approach to web traffic analysis. They are not great marketing tools for large business websites. They will be handy for personal pages.

Informational, complicated Statistical packages from ISP
If you are using a good and well known ISP, then you will be definitely having a freeware version of some popular web statistics package. These packages will create a log of every visit that your website has received. The log will be in either a webpage format or some other graphical format. Whatever format the log is, it will have some complicated coding, which has to be deciphered to see the details. However, this method does indeed provide a good amount of information about the web traffic.

Simple, wore detailed Web analytics and conversion tracking Systems:
If both of the above mentioned methods doesn't seem suitable to you or if you wish to have a more detailed report, there are simple web analytics systems and softwares like Conversionstats available at affordable prices that will provide a broad range of analysis options. They show you which pages of your website are more popular, who is visiting your website more, which search engines are sending more visitors, which pages of your website indicate some error etc.

Unless you have all this information, it is really hard to meet the expectation of the customers who visit your website.

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