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Chinese home appliance Internationalization: the number of barriers will come back?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

In 1988, the EU anti-dumping sanctions on Chinese color TV sets, which leads to rejection of Chinese color TV market outside the European Union for 15 years. In 16 years, China experienced the U.S. anti-dumping sanctions color TV, which led to China's CRT TV missed the U.S. market. October 2004, Trinidad and Tobago, a small country in Central America Air China anti-dumping; and recently, it was rumored that the U.S. is likely to produce in China antidumping LG air-conditioning the news, if it eventually become a reality, Well, the Chinese anti-dumping air Jiangzai hath mistakes.

In the eyes of many, as long as the Chinese enterprises to solve the problem of anti-dumping, then the barriers will disappear. This is not true. Anti-dumping but the process of Chinese enterprises going global may encounter it in one of many troubles, but this form because the most common, the most likely cause for concern. In fact, in addition to anti-dumping, we may encounter troubles are environmental barriers, intellectual property barriers, as well as barriers to social responsibility; and many unheard of these barriers may be the future of Chinese enterprises face more trouble.

In fact, this trouble is to us. Recently, the EU's two directives, namely, "Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment" (WEEE) and "electrical and electronic equipment on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances Directive" (ROHS) led to barriers to Chinese companies for green concerns.

So, what is the anti-dumping barriers, green barriers, intellectual property barriers and barriers of social responsibility then? Chinese home appliance enterprises in their international impact of the journey? Chinese home appliance enterprises in how to avoid these barriers then? On these issues, People interview in Guangzhou on the army attack strategy of seeking Director of Enterprise Management Consultants Ltd., of China's home appliance industry veteran who question Mr. Liu Buchen.

Barriers 1: Environmental

People's Network: Since August 13, 2005, the EU's WEEE directive is necessary to implement the present, China's household electrical appliance enterprises are to discuss how to respond to this directive, you from the industry point of view, elaborate on the instructions of Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises may cause short-term and long-term impact?
Liu Buchen
: The implementation of this directive on the impact of domestic enterprises is obvious. Most affected are those who object to the EU as the main export enterprises. Because today's sell a TV, which means 4 sets out a few years later, 5 of the money recovered waste. And to those currently no exports to the EU's enterprises, will also have an impact, because today you do not export, tomorrow you may also export. And this command may also be cited by the United States or other countries. That is if the company's overseas market is not in the EU, he still may be "victims." The implementation of this directive, the internationalization of Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises will have a significant negative impact. Now, in the Chinese home appliance companies before the question is, how to solve this problem, this is a priority.

Implementation of these two instructions may result in the Chinese home appliance industry are two serious consequences: first, electronic products sold in the EU will be responsible for recovery after a number of years, this huge expenditure is sufficient to keep Chinese companies in this All profits before all eat, and even not enough; second part of the electronic products made in China with the EU ban because of the toxic and harmful substances can not enter the EU market. This is what we call environmental barriers, or call Green.

People's Network: The industry believes that China's household electrical appliance enterprises ROHS directive on higher difficulty, a great impact for example, may result in small and medium enterprises out; may result in the production lines throughout the industry adjustment; could force China OEM appliance industry remained at the stage in a long time. Do you think its influence mainly those areas?

Liu Buchen: We are hardly a great impact on Chinese Enterprises WEEE ROHS or greater impact, I think the impact of these two instructions are great.

Present, the Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises exports to the EU, partly with the European Union banned six hazardous, toxic substances, such as CRT TV, the material containing lead. If the July 1, 2006 is not completed prior to the transformation of production processes and technologies, can not find alternative substances and technologies, our CRT TV will not be able to enter the EU market.

Present, few domestic companies have started this transformation. Second half of 2004, TCL TV manufacturing system in the global launch of "zero lead project" is looking to the future international market for Chinese-made color TV sets environmental needs. In fact, in developed countries, the manufacture of environmentally friendly technology CRT TVs already have. Currently most businesses in China did not introduce lead-free technology is largely unwilling to increase the cost.

People's Network: The threshold for the industry, relevant government departments issued several regulations to speed up the integration with the international.
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