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Child Development Problems and How to Solve Them Naturally

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

Child development problems can vary from growth (too much, too little), to growing pains, to slow or too rapid milestones, and everything in between.

Here, I want to focus of a tissue salt which can help most children.

It's a tough time for kids. Growing puts huge demands on their bodies. Good nutrition is essential to a child's development, and this is rarely addressed adequately. The western diet at best is misinformed and at worst is downright disastrous.

So most children will suffer in their development, in some way or another.

There are twelve tissue salts which address the lack of minerals found in the body. The one most needed by growing children is called Calc phos. It is available in a 6x potency (strength) and should be taken at least twice a day, indefinitely, during the growth period.

Below are some of the symptoms a child may exhibit when needing Calc phos:

  • pale
  • very sensitive to the cold
  • suffer with headaches
  • oversensitivity to light
  • get lots of colds
  • have a poor appetite, and poor food absorption
  • craves salty or smoked food
  • delayed dentition and/or complaints during dentition

However, it isn't necessary to have any of these symptoms for Calc phos to make a big impact on your child development challenges. Why? Because calcium is needed in large amounts for bone growth and Calc phos is one of the best ways of addressing this imbalance.

But, apart from the development issues, you should notice an improvement in other areas, too.

However, there is nothing to beat good nutrition. This consists of real fresh food (rather than canned, packet, processed, sugar, preservatives, fast), especially lots of raw fruit and vegetables.

Dairy is not a good food for children. It does nothing for their calcium absorption. Green leafy vegetables have far more absorbable calcium.

Exposure to the sun, without any sunblock, is also essential to growing children. Rickets is making a comeback, with kids being kept away from the sun. Yet the sun is essential for healthy bone growth.

And exercise is another essential area for healthy child development. Exercise helps bones grow properly.

To combine exercise, exposure to the sun, fresh air, as well as stimulation, outdoor games, cycling and swimming come up top of the list.

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