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Cellulite Treatment Center - The 4 Cellulite Treaments That Work

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 30   |   Comments: 0

Cellulite Treatment Center

Do you want to know the 4 secrets that help women around the world fight cellulite?

But before we get to that...

How many bumps do you have at the back of your legs?

Dimples, cottage cheese, orange peel....nobody has trouble describing cellulite.

What is cellulite anyways?

Doctors used to think it was just fat, but research actually shows it's far more complex than that. It has to do with the skin's connective tissue and how it breaks down.
Just remember...everybody in the world has fat under their skin. It's part of being human, even if you are extremely skinny. Cellulite Treatment Center

There is like a network of strands or bands (call it what you want) that actually hold together fat cells within your body.
Cellulite develops overtime due to those strands getting inflamed. They then squeeze the fat too tightly and that is when you see bulges appear.

Having cellulite is not always because you are fat.
Cellulite is actually genetic. If your mother has it...chances are pretty good you are going to have it.

In this article I'm going to discuss the 4 choices or treatment "types" you have available if you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

They are ranked according to their effectiveness. Cellulite Treatment Center


1. Endermology

Endermology is a painless process that works like a vacuum. It aims to remove water, boost blood circulation and stretch tissue, so the squeezed fat is less likely to cause that "rippled" or "dimpled" look.

Endermology does work, but it's very costly and you'll more than likely have to got for 45-50 minute sessions twice a week for 12-16 treatments. Each treatment also cost alot.

If you want to go for endermology, you'll have to visit a spa or treatment center, but be prepared to pay a very hefty sum of money.


2. Cellulite Creams

Yes yes...I know. Cellulite creams. They are ranked number two because they are the most effective just next to Endermology.

Cellulite creams are all over the place today. Many work, many don't. It's all about the ingredients. Many companies bring out cellulite creams that have bogus ingredients. But there are a few cellulite creams today that are extremely potent.

Certain ingredients help thicken skin so fat bulges don't show as much while others reduce the fluid retention beneath the skin to shrink the fat bulges.

There are some very good cellulite creams today that work wonders, but they only work if you use it constantly. Cellulite Treatment Center


3. Oxyjet

Oxyjet involve pulsed oxygen pressure to drive pure oxygen and cosmetic formulations deep into the epidermis. This aids cell renewal and collagen production.

How do they treat cellulite using oxyjet you may ask? Well, normally the area is cleansed and exfoliated before anti cellulite spay is penetrated into the skin using a pressure oxygen injection. After that your legs are then wrapped in a transparent type film.

Oxyjet treatments can only be done in a proffesional environment and is very expensive.


4. Weight Loss

This is obvious. Fat cells shrink when you lose weight, because less fat squeezes through tissue and bumps/dimples look better. Cellulite Treatment Center

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