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Ceiling framing

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 79   |   Comments: 0

Ceiling framing is the construction of ceiling and ceiling construction begins when all walls have been aligned, plumbed and secured.  One of the main functions of ceiling frame is splicing of outside walls of the building. Rafters are used to resist outward pressure placed on the walls. Joists are the most important element in framing of ceiling. One must know while selecting the products the span of joist i.e. clear distances between the supports. There are certain specifications which are considered while selecting rafters, and joists such as moment, reaction and shear capacity for normal load duration, deflection in terms of   shear and bending deformation and live and dead weight.

Repair of rafters and joists is very expensive and time consuming process but with growing technology this has been possible with low cost as well because of timber resin splice called TRS. Timber resin splice is new technique which allows Low disturbance and cheaper repairs repair of beams, tie beams, lintels, joists and rafters. This method can even be used for repairing flag poles.

There  are  certain  approved  methods  and  formulas  for  calculating  depth  of  joist  for  reducing  it  or  increasing  it.  Usually  a  thumb  rule  is  followed  for  calculating  depth  of  joist  .It  is  half  the  distance  between  supports  plus  2  inches.  E.g.    The  joist  depth  required  for  a  14-foot  span  is  9  inches.  Band  sill  is  another  term  for  joist  used  by  construction  workers

There are different  ways to do repairs of  joists and rafters through this method .One is  without removing sections of ceiling, repair of dry rot can also be done, repairing of splits and shakes, roof truss is also possible through this method.

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