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Causes and Home Remedies for Jaw Pain Treatment

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 33   |   Comments: 0

Jaw pain can be caused by a wide variety of medical problems, many of which can be quickly addressed by a visit to the doctor or dentist. People should definitely seek medical attention for jaw pain, because there is no reason to suffer with a painful jaw, and because some conditions can grow much worse if they are not addressed. A dentist is often a good person to start with, as the dentist can provide a referral to another doctor if a dental exam rules out obvious potential causes of jaw pain.

What Causes Jaw Pain?

When an individual goes to the doctor for treating jaw pain, he will prescribe some painkillers to subside the pain. The dentist will check for primary causes of jaw pain and if he finds none, he will recommend the patient to a specialist who can find out the exact cause of jaw pain.

Primary Jaw Pain Causes

One of the main causes of jaw pain is injury or inflammation on the joint of the jaw which is known as temporomandibular joint disorders. The jaw joints lie just in front of the ears, on both sides of the head where the upper and lower jaw come together. These joints with the help of muscles and ligaments surrounding it, make us unable to make movements with our mouth like talking, chewing, yawning, etc. When an injury occurs to these joints, jaw pain is said to occur along with other symptoms like headache, earache, neck pain, etc.

Secondary Jaw Pain Causes

The secondary causes of jaw pain are those that do not have any relation to the jaws, and are triggered due to problem in some other area of the body. In some of these cases, jaw pain may appear as the symptom for the main problem. Migraine is one such disease where the person, along with a severe headache, may also experience pain in the joints. The main reason is said that when the individual has headache, he is likely to grind his teeth with force, giving rise to jaw pain as well. Even people who have sinus infection can experience the problem of jaw pain. Shingles, which is a viral infection, can be the cause of jaw pain, while pain in the jaw can also be a symptom of an impending heart attack.

The following natural remedies can be tried at home for pain relief:

A sore jaw should be treated as a sore body part. Try giving the jaw some rest.

Then apply cold compress to the jaw for around 20 min.# If the soreness still exists after two days then try the heat pack. The methodology remains the same as prescribe for the cold pack i.e. applying it for 20 mins. and replying it again when soreness persists

Avoid eating anything that is hard, limit your diet to only soft foods like boiled veggies and cheese. You also go for fruit juices as they do not need munching at all.

Find powerful herbal remedies Dental Plaques

Avoid caffeine and coffee loaded beverages at they are known for making the nervous system more sensitive to pain

Take Vitamin C supplements

Meditation is also a great technique to ease the pain

Also performing those activities, which are pleasurable like listening to soothing music or taking a warm water bath, will help relax your facial muscles thus reducing the chances of clenching your teeth while sleeping

You can also take a slice of potato and place it on the abscess for a couple of hours. This will reduce the swelling

Above all a visit to the dentist is always recommended

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