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Cast Iron Skillets.... Their Back in Style! and Very Collectible

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 73   |   Comments: 0

With all the latest gadgets on the market today, it is amazing that the cast iron skillet has survived the test of time. Nothing seems to last as long in the kitchen as that old iron skillet.

Cast Iron cookware is a heat conductor, which means it heats evenly and consistently, it is affordable and will last a lifetime or two! It is the old fashioned way to cook "fat free"

A cast iron skillet can go from stove to oven, and you don't need any special utensils to cook with it (unlike teflon style pans) they don't warp, and they clean up well.

All our grandmothers had cast iron skillets and stove top griddles. They were quite often passed down to the next generation. You simply cleaned them with soap and water, or a stiff brush and then "seasoned" them to prevent rusting etc, .

How to season:

Seasoning is when you add a protective layer to your cast iron skillet, or cookware, to prevent rusting and to provide a non stick surface for cooking. Once seasons properly, a cast iron skillet will last for generations.

Seasoning is a three step process, you need to clean the skillet or pan and then apply a layer of animal fat or vegetable oil, and then heat the cookware to bond the fat to the metal.

If you have an older pan, then it has naturally become seasoned over time from years of cooking, and you simple have to clean with soap and water.

You could buy a new one, but why not check the local flea markets, second hand stores and the internet?.. These are great places to start, and cast iron skillets have become collectables, as they are a part of history and have stood the test of time.

Some people are actually making a business of buying and selling old cookware, such as the trusty cast iron skillets and griddles, and therefore are a good investment. You can't break them or wear them out, they are heavy and have been known to make a good weapon in a pinch!
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