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Career Colleges And Student Retention

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

One of the major challenges faced by most career colleges is the ability to hold on to their students. In fact is is really a big problem, to the extent that there are now meetings in the career colleges to keep tabs on students that turned up absent in the classes. It would be appreciated as a problem if you realize for a minute that these students usually have a host of responsibilities to attend to - jobs, kids, money issues - and these might make staying in the career college in their first year to be a big task indeed. therefore it has become priority number one in the career colleges to retain their students however possible. Here are a couple of tips to help you out in seeing that your students are retained in their first year in your college.

* Make them know you are always there to help. The best way is to make a formal appearance to the students on their first day on the campus soil and greet them warmly. This has a sort of psychological effect on the students and it makes them always remember that you are somewhere around to see them through in the event of any trouble. Make this a point of duty every morning. If possible arrange for the students to personally meet with members of the staff and ask questions as they like.

* Ensure that you see to in that the students get in touch with their faculty adviser early on in their first year. If this is not done, a wave of confusion can set in for the student, which can threaten a higher risk of dropping out than if the student had consulted the faculty adviser. Take note.
* Have as much cultures represented in the classes and amongst the staff as possible. It has been found that students feel more comfortable amongst mixed cultural areas. You should go to any length to provide this.

* Keep the school area clean and tidy. this might not seem to make sense but it catually does. Students do not want to be paying for unclean facilities and have to seat in the annoying environment. Make sure the bathrooms and toilets are clean and that the outside and surrounding landscape is clean too.

* Make sure you have made provision whereby the students participate in the class activities. This satisfies their need to be recognized in the class. For instance you can have a Student Appreciation day where you serve refreshments to the students.

* Help the students in easing their stress where possible. This can come in the form of subsidized transportation and student aid grants and scholarships.

* Another way to retain your students is through the introduction of gender specific activities. this way you can have the women and men doing things that enable them bond with people of their own gender. For instance you can hold a Daddy Day where your class men can come and talk about general daddy things, like fatherhood and how it has been so far.

* Make sure you have a trained staff that knows the basics of attending to the needs of your students. This will help your students and make the possibility of irking them via your staff to be checked in time.

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