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Care homes for the aged Information and requirements

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 52   |   Comments: 0

Homes , also called Homes, Nursing homes,Care Home Is the number of community service agencies to provide accommodation for the elderly and daily personal care of the place , staff are divided into social workers , nurses , doctors, volunteers and assistants, and so provides is the elderly.
Homes Because of its content , or market position of different , there are other names , such as the available expertise in convalescence and care services as nursing homes , referred to as nursing homes .
Some homes are non-profit organizations , charities , many of them are commercial . Homes , pension services for the elderly social welfare organizations . Also known as nursing homes . Nursing homes in Western countries, usually local governments or charitable organizations , receive on welfare or low-income elderly . The Soviet Union, nursing homes , adoption, there is no statutory maintenance or for other reasons can not live at home elderly. The full cost of nursing home by the State, individuals can also be required to receive the original to enjoy the pension or part pension . City streets also run from the homes .
Enter Care homes for the aged Information and requirements :
, elderly who live in voluntary admission . Such as retirement homes and families from my application , children and the family agreed to be discharged .
, stay for the elderly and their families pay staff ID card copy of a guardianship , the elderly hepatitis B laboratory test , indicating no mental illness , infectious diseases . Elderly care by the hospital staff and signed application form , agreement in duplicate .
With mental illness, patients with infectious diseases shall not be admitted .
The hospital offers quilt , bed sheets , pillowcases . Check for the elderly will bring their own blankets , Center Filler , basin , towels, cups , soap and other daily necessities and clothes for four seasons . Other surplus items , please do not bring home for the elderly .
, stay for the elderly shall not be brought into the homes electrical appliances . If really necessary, after the hospital agreed to be brought into use , all costs ( including electricity ) from their families bear .
, homes for the elderly and call services to provide mobile services combined . If the elderly and children by such service , should consult with the hospital .
, the elderly who live life if not used to the courtyard , can be discharged , costs according to the number of days returned .

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