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Candida Yeast - What To Watch Out For

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Most people don't know what Candida yeast is or what it does. But, Candida yeast is a fungus that can cause some serious infections in both healthy and unhealthy people alike. The main strain of Candida yeast that causes the most problems due to infections is Candida albicans, which usually cause infections such as thrush in infants and children. When studied in a laboratory setting, Candida yeast usually forms as in round, white colonies of Candida on agar plates that are used to cultivate fungi.

Candida yeast is a fungus and comes from the fungus family of Saccharomycetaceae. While this word is long and hard to say, it is a pretty nasty group that likes to cause infections throughout the bodies of humans and other mammals. The majority of infections that Candida yeast causes are infections in the mouth, such as thrush, and can be caused by acrylic dentures in people who wear them on a regular basis. The form of infection that is caused by dentures and other appliances that are made of acrylic for the mouth is called oral candidiasis. While this fungus does live in all humans, those with weakened immune systems are more subseptable to infections due to Candida. So, what do you look for to know if you have an infection due to some form of Candida? Here are some symptoms to discuss with your doctor:

Mood swings
Constant fatigue
Skin infections or acne
Problems with focusing on tasks
Intense cravings for sweets or breads
Outbursts of anger
Itchy skin
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Stomach or digestive problems

If you look at this list and see that you have one or two of these, don't worry too much, as this doesn't mean that you have a bad infection. But, if you have more than four of these symptoms, you need to discuss them with your doctor as they can be signs that you have an infection caused by a form of Candida or a food allergy. If you have a weakened immune system or have had a long period of stress in your life, you might be subseptable to a form of Candida infection and should discuss this with your doctor as well.

One easy way to treat a Candida infection is to immediately cut out all high-carb and sugary foods that you normally eat. These include: breads, fruits, candy, and other foods that contain a lot of carbs or sugars. These foods all produce sugars, which are a growth springboard for Candida. If you cut out these foods, and suddenly get an overwhelming craving for chocolates, fruits, or breads, then you need to see a doctor and keep on this diet, as this is a major sign that you have an overgrowth of Candida in your body.

If you find that you have a Candida infection, then you need to stay on a strict no-carb/no-candy diet until you have completed your treatment and your doctor feels that you can start on these foods once more. No matter what type of treatment your doctor prescribes for you, you should complete the whole treatment. Just remember that Candida lives in all humans, so you cannot get completely away from it, but you can be careful not to allow it to run your life.

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