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Can Yogurt Really Cure Bacterial Vaginosis?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

Wondering whether to listen to modern folk wisdom and asking can yogurt really cure bacterial vaginosis?

Many holistic practitioners have long believed in the power of natural medicine, and women have been consuming yogurt for centuries. Live yogurt can cure bacterial vaginosis and alleviate those embarrassing symptoms. Yogurt can also help prevent reoccurrences of bacterial vaginosis if added as a staple to your diet.

How Bacterial Vaginosis Occurs

Most people will write bv off as another vaginal infection that needs a doctor's prescription but that is far from the truth. You must understand what bacterial vaginosis is and why yogurt is so successful in eliminating it.

Bacterial vaginosis occurs when naturally forming bacteria replicates causing an overgrowth in our vagina. It multiplies rapidly and eventually destroys much of the good protective bacteria, Lactobacilli. This means your natural disinfectant has been killed off and it's hunting season for the bad bacteria.

How Yogurt Cures Bacterial Vaginosis

Yogurt is successful because it contains a selection of friendly bacteria that help repopulate the numbers of protective, beneficial Lactobacilli. Moreover, for those suffering from external discomfort, yogurt is soothing when applied to the irritated skin. It ends the itching and reduces inflammation.

Using yogurt to cure bacterial vaginosis has been questioned but it has been shown that using yogurt internally will help normalize the ph levels and speed up recovery. Why? because your body already naturally produces Lactobacilli to fight off bad bacteria; when using yogurt you're just replacing what normally belongs in your body.

Most people rather purchase their yogurt from a health food store to ensure they are receiving a product containing a healthy dose of Lactobacillus. While yogurt is advertised to contain lactobacillus, many brands do not have large enough doses you need to really cure bv. We're not talking about the store-bought peach, blueberry and raspberry kinds but live cultured yogurt.

You can give your body a one-two punch by using yogurt in two ways; the best way is utilizing it internally. It's quick, cheap and easy to use. It may be a bit messy and cold but wow it packs a significant cure-all that starts on contact. You can either douche with it or dip a tampon into a cup of yogurt and insert into the vagina.

The second recommendation is that you also add yogurt to your diet. This will allow the condition to be attacked internally and externally. But keep in mind, an internal douche or yogurt dipped tampon provides the good bacteria exactly in the area it's needed.

Yogurt will also benefit your immune system and help prevent reoccurrences of bacterial vaginosis. It restores the vaginal flora and provides balance to your immune system and most importantly your colon.

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