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Can Lung Cancer be prevented?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 20   |   Comments: 0

Lung cancer is caused predominantly by smoking. One expert says that in the case of Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (cancer), it is almost always caused by smoking.

Lung cancer is called lung cancer because it begins in the lungs. The right lung has three sections, the left lung has two. Each section is called a lobe. Sometimes the term €œbronchogenic cancer is used to refer to lung cancer as most lung cancers begin in one of the two breathing tubes, the bronchi, in the lungs.

A high intake of beta carotene compounds can lower your lung cancer risk; however, studies also show that the beta carotene is only effective when the compounds are ingested from whole foods such as peaches, melon, carrots, mangoes, dark leafy vegetables, squash etc. The opposite effect seems to take place with beta carotene supplements. A Finnish study reported 18% more lung cancer cases among heavy smokers who took beta carotene supplements. And a National Cancer Study on the effects of vitamin A and beta carotene was halted because smokers taking the supplements had 28% more lung cancer than those taking a placebo.

As is the case with most types of cancer, the treatment of lung cancer is pretty much planned based on the type of lung cancer, its size, the stage of lung cancer and your general health. The main treatments of lung cancer include chemotherapy and radiotherapy (and the combination of both is usually used). Surgical procedures are also used in some cases but again the suitability of surgery is determined by the doctor on the basis of a number of other factors. So, the best thing to do is avoid smoking and cut down your risk of lung cancer.

There is another type, called mixed small cell/large cell lung cancer. In this type you can find both kinds of cells in the cancerous tissue. Besides these two types, there is another form of cancer of the lung area, called mesothelioma or mesothelioma cancer or cancer of the mesothelium. However, this is not considered a primary form of lung cancer, as its target area is not the lobes of the lung, but the pleural membrane covering the lung.

About 25 percent of people with lung cancer report no symptoms at the time of diagnosis. In the remainder, symptoms and signs vary, and may include breathlessness, a long lasting cough, coughing up blood, chest pain, wheezing, repeated chest infections, fever, and weight loss. A diagnosis of lung cancer is made on the basis of cell type, x-ray findings and symptoms. The cancer is then staged depending on the extent of its spread within the chest cavity and to other parts of the body. Treatment of lung cancer depends on the cell type and on the stage of cancer at the time of diagnosis. Treatment typically includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Survival rates depend on the type and stage of lung cancer at the time of diagnosis.

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