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Can Industrial Cleaning Products be Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 54   |   Comments: 0

Industrial cleaning products are used in huge quantities every day. They have to be, in order for the businesses that use them to keep up to date with the enormous body of health and safety regulations to which they must adhere. The business stays clean, its staff and customers stay safe - and the UK packaging mountain grows almost by the hour. Can industrial cleaning materials ever be environmentally friendly cleaning products?

Until recently, the answer to that question was a resounding "no". Not any more, though. A very enterprising company by the name of RJN Chemicals Ltd. (its product is named Fresh Clean) has come up with a range of industrial cleaning products that do everything the old stuff did, but only require a minute fraction of the packaging. Fresh Clean, the trigger spray cleaning products occupy 326 times less space than "normal" trigger sprays - citing the fact that a single fully loaded trailer carrying its trigger spray environmentally friendly cleaning products has enough stuff in it to "make" 5.6 million sprays.

There's a clue here, in that word "make". Fresh Clean make industrial cleaning products like no other because it come in soluble forms. A customer can buy a packet of cleaning product suitable for refilling up to 2,000 trigger spray bottles and keep it in an area the size of a cereal box. That means two things: one, way less packaging is used to distribute the products (by a factor of 326, in fact); and two, businesses using these environmentally friendly cleaning products are able to keep a small stock of refillable trigger spray bottles and use those, rather than having to buy in to the UK packaging mountain by constantly restocking its shelves with pre-filled trigger sprays.

The numbers, when you look at them, are quite staggering. These are industrial cleaning products, capable of and suitable for keeping all forms of commercial and industrial premises clean to well above the legal standard. And yet they are capable of performing those tasks for years without ever requiring overkill of packaging or even of fuel. The company manufactures its environmentally friendly cleaning products less than 15 miles away from its warehouse - which means there's almost no carbon footprint involved in transporting the stuff.

It is, then, more than possible for industrial cleaning products to be completely environmentally friendly. The question, begged immediately, is this: if it's so possible, why doesn't everyone do it? As per usual, the answer lays in volume production and big company margins. Industrial cleaning giants will have their product manufactured in laboratories and factories maintained in cost effective locations for rent and wages. The cost of moving those factories, increasing those wages or even implementing the changes necessary to move from a wasteful packaging overload to environmentally friendly cleaning products, is prohibitive. Or, at least, that's what the big guns in question will tell you. Could be bad news for them, in the long run - if more smaller companies start producing industrial cleaning products that don't need all that packaging and all those planes: well, then who knows what the future of the cleaning industry could look like? Apart from a lot brighter for the earth, that is.

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