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Camper Trainers

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 140   |   Comments: 0

Camper trainers were originally established in 1975 and they are still based in their home town of Mallorca today. The Camper story began in 1877 when Antonia Fluxa, who was an exceptionally skilled cobbler, came over to England to study new ways of manufacturing shoes. Once he returned back to Mallorca he brought together the very best craftsmen of the village and he showed them how to use the first machines for manufacturing, and so Camper trainers were born! 

Camper trainers and shoes are designed in Valencia by a team of podiatrists and specialists who have studied and researched the complexities of a child's foot. Every feature of Camper trainers is specifically designed to protect and care for your child's foot while also supporting them so they can develop properly. 

There are certain techniques in the shoe manufacturing business which takes a highly skilled craftsman and 360 degree stitching is one of these techniques. Featured in all Camper trainers and shoes, 360 degree stitching allows you to join the leather directly to the sole, therefore cutting back on the use of glues and producing a more flexible shoe which is more durable and long lasting.

Camper understand that children's feet and toes need freedom to move if they are to develop properly which is why Camper trainers include a spacious foot bed to give children that much needed freedom. Designs for older children also feature an anatomic EVA sole which has dual thickness so it is thicker at the back to provide added protection at the heel and more flexibility at the forefoot while the non slip rubber sole is designed to help absorb shock on impact to protect your child's feet and joints and to steady them as they walk, run or jump around the playground.  

Camper trainers and shoes are made using supple leather so that they are easy to wear straight away and won't rub or cause blisters on children's sensitive skin. A great feature for mums on the go is that the insoles of Camper trainers are fully removable and machine washable so that you can prevent the growth and spread of bacteria just by popping them in the washing machine while the leather upper is easy to maintain with a damp cloth and water.

Camper don't just make great shoes, they are also committed to giving something back to society and  as such are involved in numerous social projects such as the Sustainable Development Project. The Sustainable Development Project is where Camper helps to teach school children about their local environment and educate them as to how they themselves can help to preserve nature and help the Earth through schemes such as planting their own food. So every time you buy a pair of Camper trainers you are also helping to support the environment and create a more sustainable future.  

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