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Cami Secret Cleavage Control

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 62   |   Comments: 0

Surely there is something that has the security and appeal of a camisole, but feels, functions and looks significantly better than a camisole. There certainly is, and that would be Cami Secret, the all new fashion accessory that makes you wonder how any woman could ever live without it! This little wardrobe tool features a lovely lacy border and ingenious tiny fasteners that connect directly onto your bra straps. Then you can slide it up or down to establish exactly how much or little cleavage is just right for each environment. Now you can control the neckline of low-cut sweaters, dresses and all kinds of tops, expand your wardrobe and add an instantaneous touch of color with just one totally easy step. The material of Cami Secret is absolutely washable, lightweight and porous. And after you order Cami Secret, you'll acquire a double set - 6 different Camis for the cost of three - in 6 basic and neutral shades: navy, pure white, black, winter white, brown and tan.

Effortlessly adjustable, Cami Secret provides you with all kinds of possibilities, of high, medium and plunging necklines. You'll be able to create a layered look without the bulk of an added camisole, for a style far more current and lightweight. You will certainly not miss having to pull that camisole around to readjust it multiple times all day long. Go ahead and change the the amount of the charming frilly upper edge showing, from prim and decorous, to downright hot!  It's flattering on everybody's body! The clever hidden clips connect securely to slip or bra straps and enable you to modify coverage down or up, allowing you to be in control. In several different shades and adaptable necklines for all your low-cut tops, sweaters, and dresses - Cami Secret helps you more than double the number of outfits in your wardrobe. And because the material is washable and breathable, you will so happy to discover you can wear it all the year long.

This is the most innovative solution to the ancient question of what is the best way to manage the look of one's own cleavage. If you have some apparel a little too low-necked for your comfort (and which of us doesn't?), chances are you have attempted wearing a camisole. That generally causes a whole batch of new problems, including an extra-thick appearance, visible seams and agonizing yanking and adjusting all through the day. Cami Secret is the best ever alternative. It's so much more stylish than an undershirt for those of us who want to adjust the depth of cleavage to fit with our comfort levels in different surroundings. One-size-fits-all, this is a wardrobe weapon for every woman who wishes to appear more dignified or demure at selected times. And because Cami Secret permits you to wear lower-neck tops during the daylight hours, it can be an amazing wardrobe extender. There will be no further wardrobe malfunctions in your life!

You say you never wear deep-cut tops on the job? But, there may be occasions in which you need to lean over or bend down, and you€˜d probably just as soon not entice your co-workers. And then, there are times when someone stands above you as you're sitting down, and you may be concerned that they can get more of a view than you'd wish. With Cami Secret, the fabric and soft lace always stay close to your skin, and you positively control how much or little can be seen. The pretty lace might or might not peek over the top of your neckline, but it is faithfully there to block any stealthy views.

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