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C/S And B/S Can Prefer Different Channels Of Communication

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

The conscious self is the most isolated self here.  Why?  So it has a clear shot at making healthy choices and decisions.  To keep it free to make decisions, the conscious self--your yak-yak mind--is assigned both a lower, basic self and a higher, high self, to handle activity on frequencies both below and above the yak-yak mind. 

The more educated a person is, the wider the range of frequency they can handle.  So it makes sense the conscious self has one preferred mode of perception and the basic self has a different one.  Two hands are better than one, don't you think?

Q:  What categories of preference exist? 

A:  The ones NLP told us about:  Visual, auditory, kinesthetic (includes feelings) and smell-taste.  Your c/s prefers one of these; you simply use one more than the others.  You can still use all the others.    This is normal. 

The basic self will usually be one down from the c/s in frequency:

If your c/s prefers Visual, your basic self probably prefers Auditory or kinesthetic.  If your c/s prefers Auditory, your basic self probably prefers kinesthetic or smell taste.

Communication between selves

Communication between selves flows thru the most-open-shared-channel.  This happens fastest if the c/s "stoops" to listen and communicate at the lower frequency of the basic self, usually auditory, kinesthetic or smell-taste. 

Q:  How did it happen today that neither conventional psychology nor conventional K-12 education, embrace the spiritual in the human being? 

A:  20th century mis-education told us what was "true" in the early 1800s:  each of us is solo, unitary, the rational mind is all there is, we're alone, on our own, each person is an island. 

In the 21st century, if you heard about the Three Selves, perhaps in article three of this series, or some other body-mind-spirit psychology, you learned the conscious self is NOT alone. 

We really do have two minds

            Did you ever hear, "I have two minds about doing that." 

In three selves terms, our two minds are the conscious self and the basic self.  In more technical terms, we can call them the enteric or gut brain and the cerebral brain  Each of these has very close to exact same amount of nerve tissue as the other  BOTH are important, both are alive and both are worth knowing. 

To have success here in 3D, the c/s and b/s have to be looking in the same direction and seeing the same goal.  You can imagine how one self preferring visual percepts and one self preferring kinesthetic percepts can complicate matters.   Harmonizing the two selves; heck, just introducing them to each other, ought to be what happens in K-12 education.  It can be done artistically in schools, as Waldorf methods demonstrate.

Getting to know our two minds and getting them aligned, looking the same direction, seeing the same goal, remains one of the biggest things we can learn here on Earth.  It's a huge key to success here.

As I see it, the Three Selves model remains our best foundation for building a psychology of health and growth.

If you get stuck, give me a call. 

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