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Buying Pool Alarms

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 81   |   Comments: 0

All over the United States, there are a large number of storefront retail locations and online retail stores that sell pool accessories. If you are a pool owner, regardless of whether or not you have children, you may want to consider buying a pool alarm.

One common misconception, when it comes to pool alarms, is who should have them. There are many individuals who mistakenly believe that pool alarms are only necessary for households with small children. While, families with small children may benefit the most from a pool alarm, they are not the only ones who may. Even if you do not have children, you may want to at least consider buying yourself a pool alarm. Not only could that alarm help to protect guests, but it could also protect children that just wander into your yard.

As with most other pool accessories, you will find that pool alarms come in a wide variety of different styles. Despite the different styles, all pool alarms have the same goal. That goal is to keep young, unattended children away from a swimming pool. In the event that they do make it near a pool, the pool alarm will alert you, and other adults, right away. This is why pool alarms are not just a pool accessory, but a lifesaving device.

If you are interested in buying an alarm for your pool, you will have to decide on an alarm style. By visiting your local pool supply store or by reviewing the available merchandise online, you should be able to familiarize yourself with the pool alarms that are currently on the market. In your search, it is likely that you will find underwater pool alarms, above water pool alarms, or gate alarms.

In a way, gate alarms are the most popular of all pool alarms. While the alarms are not actually installed in or around your pool, they are still considered pool alarms. This is because the alarm is positioned on the gate of your pool fence. Depending on the model you buy, most gate alarms will sound when someone passes through the gate unnoticed or if the gate door was accidentally left open. In a way, gate alarms are the most effective pool alarms on the market. By properly installing and using a pool gate alarm, your child may never even make it to the pool.

As popular as pool gate alarms are, not everyone can use them. If you do not have a fence installed along the exterior of your pool, you will want to examine other alarm types. One of these types may include a surface alarm, otherwise known as an above water alarm. An above water pool alarm is designed to sound when someone comes too close to the pool. Many of these alarms come with a preset barrier. Above water alarms, or surface alarms, are ideal because they can alert you before your child actually makes it into the water.

The only problem that you may find with above water alarms, or surface alarms, is that they tend to be easily set off, especially if your pool area is not gated in. Whether the wind blows debris past the alarm or an animal enters the area, it is likely that the alarm will sound. If you are looking for pool alarm that is less likely to produce error, you may want to consider buying an underwater pool alarm.

Underwater pool alarms are similar to surface alarms. Instead of detecting motion on the exterior of the pool, they detect motion in the interior. This means that if your pool alarm is set, you will be notified whenever something enters the water. Therefore, if your child happens to fall into the pool, your pool alarm will automatically sound; thus allowing you to rescue them.

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