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Buying a King Size Electric Blanket

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 18   |   Comments: 0

One thing for sure in the cold, is that by owning  an electric blanket is certainly one the of best ways to both stay warm, and save some money. Having a king or larger bed, you will want to be comfortable, get yourself a king size electric blanket that will keep you toasty during the cold winter nights. If you have not had an electric blanket, they are not going to cost you much at all, and you can easily see a return on  the money you spend on it, in the savings on your heating bill in one season alone, so you really have nothing to lose.

By using a king size electric blanket, you will not need to heat the entire house just to keep warm at night. This makes a lot more sense to save money than heating up all the rooms at night. Why would you want to waste a few dollars every day to heat your entire home at night, when it would only cost you pennies every night for the blanket and it will still keep warm all night. When I was a teenager, our house was not heated up evenly and my bedroom was always cold, until my mom let me try her old electric blanket when they got a new one---I was sold on using it right away! Up until that time, I had many very cold winter evenings.

With the blankets that there are today, they are all very safe as they are made with more stringent standards than in years past, so there is no need to be concerned at all about the safety. One other thing that is available now is some variations of the king size electric blanket such as heated warming blankets, the fancy electric warming blankets, comfy electric throw blankets and even some very decent heated mattress pads.

Today we share a large bed, and the king size electric blanket that we have has his and her controls, as most queen and king will, thus we each have our own little control box on the temperature setting on each side of the bed which is much needed as she usually keeps her side very warm. One feature that we have today that was not on my first one when I was a youngster, is the feature where . As sometimes you come home at night and see the little light on, meaning you left it on all day, opps!

Now to use your blanket, you just place it on top of your top bed sheet. Then you can have your bedspread, comforter or anything else on top of the blanket. Sometimes when you have poor insulation in the house as we did as kids, or it is just very cold, putting a sheet on top of the electric blanket will keep more of the heat in, in other words you create a sandwichwith the blanket in between two top sheets.

If you still are incertain about purchasing an electric blanket, here are just a few things to consider. Electric blankets are perfect for cold the weather areas of the country where if you heat your house all night, you can truly run up your utility bill. You can save money, and the cost of the blanket will come back to you within a matter of a few months as you can keep the temperature in the house down further at night. If it gets colder in the middle of the night, you simply turn the dial up and you will stay warm all night, no matter what the outdoor temperature is. Getting into your bed each night will always be cozy and toasty warm during the night.

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