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Buying a kids toy box - check the sizes

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 52   |   Comments: 0

When I had my first daughter, I thought about the kind of toy box I wanted her to have and decided on a sturdy plastic one. It was deeper than others I looked at, and I wanted her to have plenty of room for her toys. It was also a bright, cheerful yellow. I liked the look of some of the wooden ones because they had nice carvings and detailing which was done with the use of Abrasives but size was what I really cared about.

This plastic one was also durable and looked like it could survive the kind of abuse toddlers dish out. I didn't want to have to replace it in a few years because it got damaged. The toy box worked out pretty well until I had my second daughter and the amount of toys we had began to increase with holidays and birthdays. I debated buying a second toy box for the overflow but decided I didn't want two of them cluttering up my girls' room. I ended up trading in what we had for a huge 30-gallon tote from the local hardware store, which happened to be low enough for my girls to reach inside. My husband laughed at me at first, but he soon began to see that this was actually a pretty good idea.

The tote was red with a green lid, and those were pretty kid-friendly colors. It also had a lid that was pretty hard to get off. This made it possible for us to make the toys off limits if we wanted too. If we put that lid on, our 2 and 1-year-olds weren't going to be able to budge it. It also added to the ability we had to keep things cleaned up and organized. This was important to us since we didn't live in a very big place at that time. If anyone else ever asks me, I'm not going to recommend buying a toy box. They are usually more expensive and hold less than what I bought.

I paid only $20 for my tote and it holds all the toys with room left over for more toys to accumulate. It's also sturdy enough and has that lid I'm so fond of. I think real toy boxes are cute, but I'm more interested in getting my money's worth out of them, and that just doesn't seem to happen.

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