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BUXTON PALM WALLET: Palm Sized Organization

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 50   |   Comments: 0

BUXTON PALM WALLET:  Palm Sized Organization
Some women really have it all together.  I mean, you can go into their homes and there's a place for everything and everything is in its place.  Even their kids' rooms are picked up, and their husbands are trained not to leave their underwear behind the bathroom door!  What I don't understand the most, is how they keep their purses so well organized.

Until recently, my purse and wallet was a disaster.  All the little compartments inside my purse had become receptacles for my credit cards, loose change, keys and anything else that happened to be in my stuffing hand at the time.  My wallet, the same one I've carried for years, just didn't hold enough to cope with all the stuff I need to carry to exist in today's plastic environment.  My husband saw the Buxton Palm Wallet on one of those As Seen On TV promos, and ordered it for me.  He was so sure I'd like it that he took advantage of the two for one offer.  So now I have an extra to gift to my sister later this year.

Compact Organization
At first glance, it's just a small leather zippered case.  Being from Buxton, I expected the leather to be good, and it was softer and smoother than expected.   It really does fit in the palm of my hand, and has an clear outside slot to hold my driver's license.  Opened up, the Buxton Palm Wallet is divided into two useful major compartments.  One contains fan-out accordion card slots that hold more than 20 cards.  This is perfect for someone as organizationally challenged as me!  I've finally got a place to put all my credit and preferred customer cards where I can easily retrieve them.  The other major compartment is useful for a spare key, cash, bills, receipts or other items I seem to need on a daily basis.  There's also two inner sleeves for more card or private information storage.

It comes in three colors; brown, black and red.  Hubby ordered both in brown so it goes with most all my purses. So far, I really have enjoyed using it.  It's allowed me to clean up my purse so I can easily find whatever I need without having to dump everything out.  I really don't understand how Buxton can produce this Palm Wallet and sell it for $9.95 plus shipping, and then throw in another for just an additional shipping charge.  But, it's been a really inexpensive way to begin to get organized...it's a great gift idea, too.

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