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Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Review Tom Venuto

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

Is the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Ebook by Tom Venuto (pictured below) worth buying? We outline what you'll get for your money right here in this review Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle.

Firstly, the Burn The Fat book is a downloadable 340 page long ebook that shows you step-by-step exactly how to get dramatically slimmer and leaner - fast. Following this approach will allow you to burn fat fast, look healthy and fit and then maintain this condition for the rest of your life. This however means you need to be prepared to be educated on a fat burning voyage of discovery. It is an extremely thorough guide and is a first class step-by-step plan to living a healthier lifestyle.

Click to Download the Burn The Fat Feed the Muscle now

It gives you comprehensive information on all areas of fat loss and nutrition, in fact the first 270 pages are dedicated to that (along with goal setting, how to figure out your metabolic rate and body type and measure your progress etc).

This product gives you an incredible amount of information and I have 6 pages of notes from just the main product alone! In fact for the average person just looking to lose some weight then it maybe gives too much information.

It takes a long time to go through the guide and while the author does summarise all the information he gives you then it is hard at times to wrap your head around exactly what is expected of you because it is about forming a diet and exercise program that suits you and your body type.

The author is very hot on the fact we are all different and react to carbohydrates etc differently so he gives you a baseline to start at but you need to adapt the amount of carbs, protein and fat in your diet, plus total calories, based on the results you are getting, in the end you should find the perfect diet for your body.

The guide is written by a bodybuilder and it does constantly reference what bodybuilders do before competitions etc, and I think it is more geared towards someone really serious about losing all the fat they can and toning their body to look great. Make no mistake if you follow the full program there is a lot of work for you to do, but then I am confident it can get you fantastic results if you do follow it. All the information is the result of years of testing by the author, his colleagues and his coaching clients.

Click to Download the Burn The Fat Feed the Muscle now

So this is not the product for a casual dieter who just wants to lose some fat and eat healthier, although if you are serious about changing the way you eat and live then I would say this is essential reading because it covers an incredible amount of information about almost everything you could want to know about eating healthy food, looking after your body's needs and the effect that certain foods and macronutrients have on your body and your health.

Cardio is covered in some detail, including the best exercise to do and machines to use, how to boost your metabolism and how to choose exercises to avoid injury etc, but in a 341 page book there are only 23 pages on the subject€¦

Weight training as you can imagine is covered in detail (although still only 29 pages) and you get some sample workouts as well although you don't get an explanation of how to do the exercises, just lists of exercises to do. There is an impressive FAQ that covers most of the burning questions people have about lifting weights.

The bonuses you get are thankfully shorter, they go into more detail on some points in the book and serve as a reminder of the best and worst foods, how to measure body fat accurately and it gives you some healthy recipes to try.

We also purchased the upgrade which is a series of interviews with the author of the main guide which have taken place over the years, he chose the best and had them transcribed. There is lots of good information in there, but at 265 pages and with all the action to take from the main guide then it just seems like overkill and you won't get much more benefit compared to just getting the main package.

We also purchased the membership site option which you get a trial of for $1 to start off (well we have to review everything!). There you finally get the online calculators you need which are missing from the main package! (some of the calculations in the guide are quite involved) You also get lots of audio files (mostly Q&A with the author or interviews with people), healthy recipes, lists of foods that are good to eat, access to a nutrient database to check the foods you are eating, plus articles, reviews of supplements, a forum and more.

Again this might be overkill as you get so much information in the main product that it would be months before you were ready for any new information, but it looks like a high quality informative membership site.

Overall, I highly recommend the Burn The Fat Book and hope you found this review Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle review useful.

Click to Download the Burn The Fat Feed the Muscle now

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