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Bunk Beds Are Good For Kids Health

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 61   |   Comments: 0

Kids of all ages love Bunk Beds and Loft Beds because they offer more floor space, a little adventure, and a cozy nest for sleeping. Bunk Beds, futon bunks, and ladders are now available online so they are easier than ever to purchase.

Bunk beds help even the most lackadaisical kids to get at least a moment of exercise. Climbing up and down the ladder of a bunk bed helps build strength in the arms and legs, gives a brief cardiovascular boost, and helps kids develop better muscular coordination.

Rather than taking up space in a kids room with two beds placed on either side of the room across from each other, install a bunk bed instead and open up that extra space to be used for playing, studying, or storage.

One thing you want to be sure to do is buy your bed from someone who sells quality furniture so that you know it'll be a good sturdy piece that will last a long time and not fall apart. Look for guard rails on the top bunk in a ladder that is attached permanently to the frame of the bed. When you get your bed home, it's important to assemble it specifically to the instructions to be sure that it is set up properly and no accidents will happen.

Bunk beds have become a very useful and popular piece of any child's bedroom; they not only create maximum space in cramped bedrooms but are useful for having two or more kids in one room. They allow two children to sleep in the same room while maximizing available floor space. They normally are supported by four poles at each corner of the bed; however some are made with only three. To use the top bunk a ladder is fitted, though many children make it their main objective to find their own way up quicker.

Place the bunk bed tightly against the wall to prevent children from becoming trapped between the bunk and wall. Use both long-side guardrails and caution your children from trying to slip down the back of the bed to the lower bunk.

Before buying a bunk bed, check its sturdiness by placing your hand on the top bed and shaking the whole piece to check if there is any movement. Always make sure the lighter child sleeps on the top bed. The best bunk bed to consider would be a full bed on the bottom and a twin bed on top. The wider bed below would create a better balance.

These days, there are many beds of this type available, although they are more expensive than traditional beds. Often these are bunk beds! Most bunk beds of this style include a play area underneath the bed, and often an imaginative way of getting down from the top bunk. Most commonly this is a slide, so you will need to make sure that the room the bed is to be placed in is big enough for this slide not to be a hazard, both in terms of your child sliding down it and tripping over it at other times.

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