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Bum Marketing - Affiliate Marketing is Not That Hard

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 36   |   Comments: 0

Affiliate marketing sounds pretty scary but if you look beyond all the hype that sells products you will soon realize that it is not rocket science and that any one can do it. Marketing products is also a great way to make money as it a job where your income is made not by the hour but by the amount of work you do.

Are you sick of working hard all day and not getting what you are worth? Bosses use workers as leverage so that they not only make money on their own efforts but also on the efforts of those they employ. No wonder you sometimes feel that job you do is a thankless one and your boss seems to want more and more out of you for the same money.

If you are only looking to supplement your income as you are one of the few that actually like their jobs then affiliate marketing is a great place to start making money online at home. Just think of what you can do with a few extra dollars a week. Maybe it is only that you will finally be able to get all your bills paid on time, maybe you can use it to take the kids to Disneyland or even have a few romantic weekends away.

Stop dreaming you need to get started to day to make a difference in your life. If you have a computer and a reliable internet connection then you are already half way there.

Some people will tell you that it is all hype and those that say they make money online selling other people's products are having you on etc. But they are in wrong in that marketing products online can be a very lucrative low cost way of making money from home.

Stop right now because I know your brain is already telling you that it is all too hard to understand. The gurus know this and play on this with their sales pitch to sell you more and more products. Do you think for one moment that they would tell that it is really easy and you do not need their fancy overpriced products?

The fact is that thousands of companies have heaps of quality products to sell and they know the value of having an army of affiliates do the marketing for them. Some even supply all the marketing tools needed for free. Sure they have to pay their affiliates up to 75% of the sale price but doing it this way they can sell many times the number of products they would be able to do themselves.

So now you have it. You can now forget about putting on that suit that is designed to look good but not for comfort and not to mention that frustrating daily drive to work. So turn on your computer and let's get started.

The easiest method to use to get started working online from home is the bum marketing method. It was originally coined by a successful marketer named Travis Sago who said that is was so simple even a bum off the street could walk up to a computer and start selling products online with no money.

Most people get to this point and they fail to take action. Why? Maybe they are too scared, skeptical or it is just outside their comfort zone. That is why it is important to find someone who has been through it themselves, knows the ropes and pitfalls and they are willing to help new marketers get started.

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