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Building a Healthy Easter Basket

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 47   |   Comments: 0
Making a fun and healthy Easter basket may seem like an oxymoron with all the delicious hundreds of choices of Easter candies and goodies. With the number of overweight children up in America and lots other areas in the world, searching for healthier choices this Easter is a top priority for many people. If you want to go healthier this year, check out these methods for some Easter basket fillers with fewer calories and fat.

Building a Healthy Basket Suggestion #1

Pick toys instead of snacks. A lot of baskets have some toys, in the past goodies generally are the items that filled the basket the most. This year, try more toys and less goodies. Kids will tell you they can never have enough toys and they will last longer and give kids something fun to do all year long. You can find many items on sale so that these gifts don't cost an arm and a leg. Check the dollar stores and discount stores for smaller yet fun play things. Kids love getting crayons, small reading books and stickers. You can generally find these items for a dollar or less. Other suggestions are small hand-held electronic games, card games or dolls and action figures. Another favorite for the kids is a cute stuffed Easter animal. You can usually find these adorable stuffed toys on sale just days before Easter.

Building a Healthy Basket Suggestion #2

Choose alternatives to candy. Boxed dried fruits can replace the typical jelly beans. Snacks like these provide a juicy sweetness without the added fat and calories. Plus there is the added plus of vitamins and nutrients your kids need. Buy some raisins, dried apricots or even Craisins® from Ocean Spray®. Craisins® are dried sweet cranberry goodies that come in several flavors. You can also get some yogurt and chocolate covered raisins for a bit of an added flavor and fun for your kids.

Building a Healthy Basket Suggestion #3

You don't have to give up the candy all together. After all this is suppose to be a fun day and children expect some special treats that Easter bunny brings. It's okay to add some candy to their basket. Instead of super-sizing it, go snack size instead. Add a few snack sized candy bars, chocolate eggs and other fun treats. Just watch the candy intake and spread these little goodies out. Use dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is actually good for us. The dark chocolate provides antioxidants and is a healthier candy choice. Look for the goodies that are lower in calories but still give the sweet taste for your children

Building a Healthy Basket Suggestion #4

Homemade treats are another great way to make your baskets healthier. You can make cupcakes and alter the recipe to reduce the fat. Add apple sauce instead of oil and try some sugar substitute to supplement and reduce the refined sugars. Get creative with these healthier snacks and make fun Easter shaped treats for some great family fun. Try Rice Krispy treats® and use cookie cutters to cut them into fun bunny shapes, Easter eggs and other Easter shapes. Bake up some sugar cookies with a sugar substitute and top them with melted dark chocolate or peanut butter instead of frosting.

Going healthy with your Easter baskets is not only good for you but can be a fun family activity. Other fun ideas for Easter are to do some kids crafts with the whole family. You can even make your own Easter baskets.

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