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Build your own effective link building affiliating marketing

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 17   |   Comments: 0

What, exactly, is link building? This is my definition of link building: The integration of useful elements into a whole Web site to allow for the accretion of links through natural means.

In other words, building links is as much about having something to link to as it is about getting the link. Without one, you cannot have the other. Integration and accretion are the two elements of link building.

When you want to make a link building so you have to think on some things like :

* Exchange links with websites that will bring you targeted traffic.Targeted traffic means visitors and/or customers that will be interested in your affiliate productsorservices.

* Keep your link title brief and free of long sentences.

* Try to keep yourlink description(for your affiliate marketing site/blog) brief (aim for 200 characters or less).

* Do not capitalize all letters in your link title or description.

* Do not give the webmaster a deadline on when they should reciprocate. Webmasters are very busy people and it may take from 1 to 60 days or more. Be patient and in the long run you will receive morequality link partners!

* Never remove a link partner from your site once they have agreed to exchange links with you and placed your link on their site.

* Do not request link exchanges from sites that are unrelated to your website. For example, if you have a candle website, don't exchange links with a pharmaceutical website. This will not benefit your customers or visitors and the search engines may penalize your website for this.

* Let the webmaster know that you have indeed visited their site and explain to them why a reciprocal link exchange with your website would be beneficial.

* Be sure that your link pages are search engine friendly. Link pages are easier indexed if they have no more than 25 links per page.

* Complete your website before requesting reciprocal link exchanges. Most webmasters will not link to a site where most of the pages are "under construction".

* Do not give misleading information in your link exchange request. Most webmasters are not going to believe it and your request will most likely be ignored. For example, don't claim that your site receives 100,000 unique visitors a day unless your site really receives that many.

* It is best to categorize your link partners. For example, you might want to have a home and garden page, a home improvement page, a candles page, etc. This is a much better way or organizing your links for both your visitors and your link partners. If you just have one huge page of links in no order, most webmasters will not approve your link exchange request.

* Make sure your links page is linked and visible from your affiliate marketing home page.

* If yoursite is family friendly, do not add link partners that offer services or products that are not family friendly.

* Be aware of free-for-all link programs and link farms. These are sites that basically offer nothing but unrelated links and end up collecting and sharing your email address, which results in a lot of unwanted SPAM in your inbox.

Starting a web page or website is very easy. But getting quality one way back links to your site is not. You can speed up this boring and tedious task. By simply using a free or paid link exchange service.Since Link Building is a hard and complicated process, the best possible way is to invest your link building budget into Affiliate Marketing revenue share system. Sharing a fair percentage to affiliate marketers will outsource your link building efforts to them. The more revenue you share the more links you will get. The best of all is that you will be able to monopolize your products on all Search Engines as your own website will appear on the top search engine listings. Assuming you are selling products or services a 5% to 25%-30% (or based on the average affiliate revenue share percentage for your product/services niche). This can only be done if your invest a proper SEO affiliate marketing system.

In order to achieve maximum result, your affiliate marketing system should cover few basic requirements:

To be built in or added as a plug-in to your current product content management system

§  To allow individual product and custom landing pages control.

§  To offer various affiliate marketer statistical information and research tools as well as good ad-channeling system.

§  To be SEO friendly.

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