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Build your own above ground pool tips and ideas

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 74   |   Comments: 0

It's always pleasant when you are in a garden that has a garden pond inside. The mere sound of trickling water can be highly relaxing and it can make a warm summer's evening delightful as you sit there and listen to the sound of fish splashing around in the pond.

Build a Garden pond or pool quickly and easily with no diggind required.  Takes just 15-30 mins to erect wooden structure and then fill with water and your away!

Normally people assume that Garden Ponds are created by digging a hole in the ground.  In most cases this is true but as we all know, digging is time consuming and very hard work and enough to put most people off the idea.  But there are other types of Garden Ponds, that don't require any digging to be involved at all. In fact a garden pool is a variety of one of the Garden Ponds that sits above the ground. The Wooden panels on these types of Garden Ponds simply slot together and they are then screwed into position. Inside the wooden slats, you easily slip the durable pond liner over the top and then secure it into place with small battens. 

First of all, get an idea of the size you require.  Look at your garden, mark out an area, not too big if you have a small garden, but big enough for the fish you wish to house.

Once filled with water, it's the perfect place to keep a number of fish. Made from wood, Garden Ponds like these will last for a long time because the wood is pressure treated right from the start and pressure treated wood is guaranteed for 20 years!  From start to finish the assembly of the Garden Ponds takes on average about 15-30 minutes, in fact it takes longer to fill with water than it does to erect.  Normal types of Garden Ponds take much longer than that to build and the mess created can be quite vast. In all types of gardens, Garden Ponds can make wonderful features and now that easy assemble ponds are available more and more people can enjoy their beauty.

Wooden pools structures can be easily bought and come in many designs, to please everyone.  Wether you want a large pool for fish or Koi carp or a small wooden pebble fountain, Intalogs wooden above ground structures are a great idea.


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