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Build Your Crystal Figurine Collection With Fairy Tales

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 45   |   Comments: 0

It may seem strange at first to think you could build a crystal figurine collection with fairy tales, but it is a simple and fun approach to collecting. You will need three things to get you started:

1. A good anthology of Fairy Tales
2. A reliable source where you can purchase the crystal figurines
3. A young child who loves having stories read to him/her.

One of the marvelous things about fairy tales is the numerous little creatures and animals that are mentioned in the stories. Children love the animals, especially if there are good illustrations along with the story. There are rabbits, bears, elephants, snails, fish, and butterflies and so on throughout the list of fairy tales. The good thing is that there are crystal figurines available for almost any animal you can name.

Your first step is to find a good anthology of fairy tales with beautiful, whimsical illustrations. While a new book from your favorite book store might be expensive, you can find more reasonably priced books in book swap stores, used book stores, local libraries that offer clearance sales and even garage sales.

Your second step is to locate a reliable retail store that carries crystal animal figurines at a price that fits your budget. Try gift shops and specialty stores in your local mall or shopping center. You can also find retailers on the internet. There are literally hundreds of internet stores offering crystal animal figurines in different sizes, shapes, design, quality, color and price ranges.

Your last step is to tie the crystal figurine and the fairy tale together. You can do this in several ways. You can buy a crystal animal figurine mentioned in the story first and have it available when you start the story. Or you can read the story to your child and find out which animal he or she likes the best and then purchase that crystal animal. Last, you can purchase your figurines spread out over time as your budget permits. One thing you can count on is reading the same fairy tales again and again and again. No matter which path you choose, your child will always have the opportunity to see and hold the figurine when you are reading the tale.

After several years of reading fairy tales and other stories, you'll find that you have acquired a nice collection of crystal figurines. At the same time, you have provided many hours of enjoyment to your youngster. The figurines and the stories will be very special to your child for awhile. They grow so fast and move on to new adventures. But you will always have the crystal animal figurines and the memories of the evenings you read the fairy tales and shared the crystal figurines with your child.

You really can build your crystal figurine collection with fairy tales as well as making bedtime for your child a fun and exciting activity. As the saying goes, “Two birds with one stone.”

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