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Bruxism Natural Remedies - A Natural Cure For Teeth Grinding

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 22   |   Comments: 0

Bruxism Natural Remedies

What is Bruxism?
Bruxism is commonly known as grinding of the teeth or clenching of the jaw. The oral activity occurs in most people but is usually mild enough not to cause any health problems or concerns. It is however one of the most common sleeping disorders. It is almost as common as someone who snores and should be treated if you think you may be grinding your teeth while you sleep.

What are the causes?
The cause of Bruxism can vary depending on who you see or speak with. If you go to your doctor, they will most likely diagnose it to a stress related situation in you life. If you see your dentist, they will probably say it is because your teeth are not aligned correctly. Both are incorrect! Bruxism is actually a habitual behavior and most suffers of teeth grinding don't notice the effects until they develop the symptoms.

So What Are The Symptoms?
If you feel any of the following symptoms you could have Bruxism and could be creating a serious health risk for yourself. Bruxism Natural Remedies

o You have headaches in the morning
o You experience jaw, neck, or back pain
o You wake up feeling tired
o You find chips in your teeth
o Your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold

If you are experiencing any of those symptoms then you really should consider treatment for Bruxism.

Is there a cure for Bruxism?
There are several treatments for teeth grinding. The most common treatment is a mouth piece fitted by your dentist. This treatment only prevents further damage to your teeth but doesn't really cure your Bruxism. It is only a temporary fix to your problem. Plus the mouthpiece can cost anywhere from $200-$500 dollars and if you have a severe case of Bruxism you could chew through and ruin your expensive mouth guard.

Another treatment is called the Taste Base Approach where the suffer places pouches of a bad tasting product toward the back of their molars and when their teeth come together it breaks the pouch. Who would want to sleep with a pouch in your mouth and then wake up to a horrible taste in your mouth? Bruxism Natural Remedies

The most expensive treatment involves wearing a headband and measuring electromyographic muscle activity while you sleep. When your jaw bone tenses, the device will make a sound that increases allowing users to subconsciously respond in their sleep without waking up. A device like this can cost hundreds of dollars.

The fact is most of these treatment products don't cure Bruxism. The only product that can cure your Bruxism is a simple exercise performed daily. This is the most cost effective and guaranteed way to stop grinding your teeth. Bruxism Natural Remedies

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