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Brown Bagging It For Wall Clocks

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 33   |   Comments: 0

You have the bag that you packed your lunch in to save as a base. The only things left to add are the designs on the front and a bit of weight on the bottom.


1. Two small sheets of card stock in coordinating colors.You can't change the fact that you've always got to keep one eye on the clock. I am especially talking about wall clocks because someone with a little bit of creativity can make them.

2. Brown paper lunch bag.

3. Black markers and other colors (if you like).

4. Construction paper in assorted colors.

5. Fabric to decorate the clock face character.

6. Number stamps.

7. Mat board approximately 31/2" x 7".

8. Buttons and/or beads in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

9. Cat litter, 1 cup.

10. Clock movement and hands.


1. Ruler

2. Pencil

3. Scissors

4. Craft glue

5. Craft knife

6. Ink pad

7. Cutting board or a magazine

8. AwlHow about brown bagging it one day, and after you eat your sandwich, why not take the money, and buy yourself a clock movement.

9. Hot glue gun and glue stick


1. Use ruler to measure the dimensions of one side of the paper bag.

Measure and cut rectangles from two colors of the card stock to fit the  front of the bag.

 2. Glue the smaller rectangle to the larger rectangle to create an even border between each shape.

3. Draw a line inside the border of the larger rectangle.

 4. Use a pencil and work on the thinner centerpieces. Cut out the centerpiece design with scissors or craft knife, and glue it in place on the card stock.

 5. Use the number stamp and ink pad to add numbers to the clock face.

 6. Locate and mark the center point on the back of the clock face. Place card face down on the cutting board or magazine, and use the awl to punch a hole through the center mark. Using the hole as a guide, use the craft knife to carefully cut a circle large enough o accommodate the clock movement.

 7. Measure and cut a piece of the mat board to a size approximately 2 inches smaller than the clock face. Place inside bag to help support the clock movement.

 8. Position the clock face on the front of the paper bag. Trace the hole in the center of the clock face onto the bag. Cut it out with a craft knife.

 9. Hold all the pieces in place, then insert the clock movement and attach the hands.

 10. Add beads, buttons, or other accessories to the clock face, gluing them in place with the craft glue.

 11. Pour approximately 1 cup of cat litter into the paper bag to help it stand up. After installing the batteries in the clock movement, fold the top of the bag down as you would a lunch bag.

 Now look at your creative lunch bag clock. You can set this beside your child's bed or hang it as a wall clock. Now we can add this start-from-scratch clock to the list of alarm clocks, clock radios, and wall clocks.

See the brown bag wall clock. 




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