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Brilliantly talented people must shoulder their responsibilities

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 22   |   Comments: 0

Talent/skill is the term used of that special quality of our personality wherein it can daringly convert our thinking into action. Brilliantly talented people are masters of self faith/belief. They experience joy in taking up risky ventures and posses valor in amassing required means as per demands of those times. When farsighted valiant people decide to take up a task they make such efforts alertly and energetically that even lack of means and obstructions do not mar their endeavor. After analyzing all obstacles that come their way they find solutions and thus valiantly march forward on the path followed. They never hurry in attaining success. Those possessing 3 qualities of rationality, patience and enterprise walk on difficult paths and via their mind boggling feats amaze one and all. This then is called brilliant talent.

Those possessing the above special qualities are given responsibility of important tasks or else they volunteer to take up such duties. Thus brilliant talent can be called a psyche of Kshatriyas (soldier class) too. A valiant soldier knows that in war he may lose his very life and yet he challenges death daringly.

A brilliantly talented person never worries as to whether circumstances are conducive or not. In fact he adjusts with situations prevailing and marches ahead. For this without effort on his part he attains required means.

In other words such brilliantly talented people can be called strong will powered people full of radiant aura. Whether they take up a good or bad path they exhibit miracles. If they take up crime and dacoit type tasks even there they exhibit their potency and those heading in the direction of sacred world welfare activities their names get etched in golden letters in the annals of world history.

When challenged brilliantly talented people roaring come forward whereas the weak and petty minded hides his face. Weak people lacking power of talent shun all challenges and scurry off like rats.

World history is nothing but history of brilliant talent. The history of era transformation must have been an extraordinary one that transformed from the very roots the world and its human population. In this a major role will be played by talented people. Cowards merely imagine wildly and keep stuttering foolishly. They can help only a little bit initially in broadcasting. Major roles are played only by the valiant section of society. Those who have God given talent in whatever measure must use it for world welfare and thus faithfully serve the hallowed feet of this era's deity.

Even in wrestlers gathering in the wrestling arena of politics this talent is seen in good measure. With a sense of oneness we must convince such brilliant talent that they must catch the trunk of the tree and climb up the tree with agility. In order to find a seat in the heart of the lay public they must prove their radiant character and sense of selfless service.

If we wish that our country and world advances in an all round manner and that we wish to work towards this end a revolution must set in based on the intellect, ethics and society. This activity is called Yug Nirman Yojana. Every talented person on its basis shall have to work in a particular arena. In every field of life brilliantly talented people must lead. They have to shoulder many responsibilities. It is for this reason that radiant talent has been termed an important glory of God. We must unearth such talent and by honoring them, their potent powers must be used optimally.

Naradaji gave discourses to many people but when he intuitively saw extraordinary talent latent in Ratnakar dacoit he went after the latter and did not rest till the dacoit's life transformed sacredly. Ratnakar's talent was given a wholesome direction and thus a miracle was witnessed. He was a number one dacoit but when transformed he became a number one saint too. Great talent always gets the 1st prized spot. In previous stages of life saints like Surdas, Tulsidas etc were very passionate sexually but when they transformed into saints they led others in society. When the lives of Angulimal and Amrapali were transformed piously they became leaders amongst Lord Buddha's band of disciples.

In every walk of life brilliant talent resides. They play important roles in arenas like literature, art, business, medicine, science, education, associations, creativity etc. Such brilliantly talented people must be convinced by us to join our Yug Nirman Yojana program.


Five energies predominate that render the individual and society well managed and advanced:

  1. 1.      Government
  2. 2.      Religion
  3. 3.      Knowledge
  4. 4.      Art
  5. 5.      Wealth

Over and above this multifaceted special talent plays a major role in inducing a revolution in society. Hence even they must not be ignored. Hence we can conjoin science and special skills too to the above. With its help only any country achieves progress and becomes powerful. Their role is a major one in uplifting the stature of people. Ere this brilliant talent is used wholesomely the world will ooze with peace and joy.

Brilliantly talented people are visible deities of the world. As a result of their zeal and grace zestful atmosphere is created and all round progress is attained. Ere this talent turns wayward all directions will turn chaotic and hell like situations will be noted the world over. These deities or demigods are:

  1. 1.      Political leader
  2. 2.      Religious leader
  3. 3.      Intellectual class
  4. 4.      Artists
  5. 5.      Wealthy class

Amongst political leaders are included all candidates elected by the people; religious leaders include saints, Mahants, heads of hermitages, sages, Brahmins, preachers etc; intellectual class encompasses scientists, teachers, authors, journalists, editors, various authorities, judges, engineers, doctors, lawyers, scholars etc; artists include musicians, lyricists, singers, instrumentalists, actors, directors, painters, sculptors etc; the wealthy class includes those who have excess wealth than the amount required to lead a normal life with its basic needs.

Today all of these are revered everywhere. Wealth and fame are attained chiefly by such people. They lead in various arenas. The public accepts their powerful status. It is their responsibility to create circumstances of greatness. When these brilliantly talented people maintain their high stature and alertly live glorious lives full of righteous duties a heavenly situation is created in the world.

 One more thing to add here is that if these talented people misuse their skills then vileness and distortions will increase everywhere. Its dire results will have to be faced by world society.


Today's dire situations have not manifested due to the lay public but is due to the bad thinking and lowly activities of brilliantly talented people in the fields involving spirituality, religion and intelligence. It is people imbued with glories that take up responsibilities of good management and leadership of various fields and thus influence social life. We must reach out to this glorious talent and awaken them. Their vile thinking must be transformed into greatness because lay people follow the trend set up by such talented people. Without doing all this era transformation will remain a mere dream. For this special efforts will have to be made.

Creation is much more important than destruction. Even today brilliant people are taking up great tasks. They must be looked up to and followed and must be honored. In their own way glorious personages like Ashok, Kumarjiva, Kumaril Bhatta, Shankaracharya, Dayanand, Vivekananda, Jamnalal Bajaj and Bhamashah had carried out great feats of social well being. Even today this tradition has not been destroyed. Many glorious people are carrying out neo creation tasks. By getting inspiration from them the lay public must come forward in support.

Religion, science, art, wealth etc are types of potent forces and energies. It influences human lives in varied ways. Apt use of these forces brings in solutions for various world problems and ushers in the potential to manifest a new era. The deity of this era since many years is trying to bring back great talent the world over on the correct path in a direct and subtle manner via our Gurudeva Shriram Sharmaji's spiritual practice of making the psyche subtle (Sooksmikaran Sadhana). As a result the speed at which previously the world was heading towards destruction and downfall has been slowed down manifold. Glorious personages must realize their prime duties.

Brilliant talent in the field of modern science has designed a lot of destructive warfare technology yet as far as space wars are concerned they failed. Today science instead of criticizing the very existence of God and religion is making efforts to prove its scientific basis. Modern science is accepting spiritual techniques like Yoga practices, meditation, Mantra chanting, Pranayam, Asan/postures etc. Scientists via their research are now heading towards finding solutions to the root of all world problems.

Religion is the very fount of all round progress of human life. Since taints have entered it people remain unaware of its great good results. Amongst brilliant people in the field of religion a great awakening is taking place. Religious leaders are not only themselves understanding the true import of religion but are teaching the same to their followers too. Now they are analyzing the ultimate reality of this creation. Many saints and people giving religious discourses have started giving solutions from the dais regarding problems pertaining to family, society and country.

After understanding the true religion of this era inspire people to live a life of purity and piousness by giving up internal and external taints. The national saint of India Kalyandevji Maharaj says service to society only is true religion. He himself is selflessly serving all.

In this world the power of the intellectual class prevails. If only they aptly use their intelligence for world welfare creative tasks then in a few days a miracle will ensue. The intellectual class is the very spine of society. In order to overcome the public's ignorance, illusion, lack etc the intellectual class must make great efforts. Even in this set of people an awakening is taking place and they are becoming more and more active. In India the intellectual class is taking up various problems on a war footing in the form of Swadeshi Jagran Manch, Azadi Bachao Andolan, Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti, Menaka Gandhi raising her voice against harassing animals, Sunderlal Bahuguna and Medha Patkar raising concerns regarding environmental pollution, augmenting of cows in Yavatmal, efforts to advance villages and rendering them self sufficient, Baba Amte working for leprosy patients etc.

In the political arena everywhere loom dark clouds of despair. Once Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya had said that when political leaders see that the entire society has transformed and there is no other way but for us to change too only then perforce will they reform. We must have faith that in the near future illegal unethical politics will come to a grinding halt.

A revolution has taken place in the field of arts. Till date they thought of no other topic than violence, fights, murders, rape and sexual lewdness but today they are now telecasting religious serials like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Shri Krishna, Om Namah Shivaya, Jai Hanuman, Vishwamitra, Manthan etc.

Now even the rich class is realizing that no doubt wealth augments their material comforts yet they snatch way the mind and psyche's peace and bliss. Hence they are now mulling over using more of their wealth for social welfare so that they get credit, good merits and honor and that thus they can ward off the wrath of the lay public. The wealthy are generously donating for floods, earthquakes, free food distribution schemes, medical aid, schools etc. Generous valiant philanthropists in order to uproot ignorance and uplift human sentiments are contributing greatly.

Brilliantly skillful people of all categories are realizing that they must use their powers for world welfare tasks. This self wisdom and self belief of theirs towards their potent capabilities is a positive promise towards ushering in of an environment of a Golden Era or Satyuga.

From the above discussion it is crystal clear that brilliant talent in various fields is undergoing an awakening and is using their skills for their country, world and culture. You too must identify your talent and use it for uplifting mankind.


Those who possess brilliant talent must realize that God has given them special powers. They must look upon this as their good fate and God's grace. God has thought them capable while bestowing on them such skills. In God's eyes in comparison to others they were thought more credible and hence they have attained glories. Hence such God given talent must be used by them for divine tasks.

Objects do not have much importance. Everyone gets them. Jewels are seen on a serpent's head, pearls are found in oysters and gold, silver etc dwell in the womb of Mother Earth. To possess wealth does not necessarily mean attainment of glory. Libraries possess vaults of knowledge, press machines ceaselessly print literature yet no importance can be given to such knowledge dwelling in materials. If anyone attains knowledge from these books and uses it aptly only then society benefits. If anyone possesses special glories then by looking upon it as God's precious gift must use them wholesomely for appointed tasks. Thus he/she will attain fame and contentment.

It is hard heartedness on the part of the head of a family to eat yummy food without sharing even a morsel with other family members which forces the latter to sleep on an empty stomach. Such behavior can be executed only by a heartless person. Regarding sentiments such a person truly is blind.

Almighty God has gifted this body intellect sense organs a wife, children and joyous comforts to us all. Keeping in mind this generosity of God a portion of it must be used by us for upgrading peace and joy in the world.

God is not merely generous and compassionate but can be hard hearted in a punishing manner. Instead of deceiving him we must please him. We may flatter him via eulogies but in order to please him we must behave in a great fashion. We must take recourse to compassion, generosity, selfless service etc

Glories or brilliant talent is like a running shield won by a team. Those who harbored generosity in their previous life get it as a prize. This running shield has to be returned in the following here by the winning team. For 1 year they have to protect it. As a result of generosity of past lives we attain brilliant talent based glories yet they are not permanent. Thus like in previous times, even currently we must use it generously. With its aid soul progress is achieved and in following births we attain more brilliant talent. Many people arrogantly misuse their wealth in titillating sense pleasures and thus bloat their vain egos.

Wealth is God's wife and humanity's mother. We must take from our mother only bare requirements of daily living. The excess must be shared with her other children in the world.

Whatever we have is only for our enjoyment; such an attitude indeed is demonic. Generosity has to be harbored in day to day living and if one is compassionate one will perforce use brilliant skills for world welfare tasks. Good will manifests not in the mind but psyche. Every talented person must mull over the fact that whatever glories he/she possesses instead of using it for selfish gains must use it for others welfare which is God's command.

If in comparison to others we possess more intellectual brilliance, talent, wisdom and capabilities then a good bit of it must be utilized for uplifting world humanity. There is no loss to reap here. In exchange for big shot nature we attain greatness.

In order to fulfill God's mission that brilliant talent given to us as treasure must be used for tasks set up by this era's deity. This treasure must not be hidden from others so as to benefit selfishly.

The government of Lord Mahakal is about to nationalize this divine talents and glories. In a short period such a social arrangement will ensue wherein none will be allowed to use these skills for selfish benefits. Misuse of this talent will lead to destruction and apt use will result in advancement both materially and spiritually. After listening to the call of discrimination and justice we must change our attitude and if not transformation is bound to happen. These talents must be used for neo creation only. In order that they are not snatched away forcefully by listening to the call of the soul very speedily we must use them for world well being endeavors. We must convert our hard heartedness into cosmic generosity.


Many people are brilliantly talented but amongst them chiefly are wealthy, sacredly sentimental, artists and politicians. Ordinarily talent is thought to be the power of oratory, beauty, will power, loving nature, good qualities, hard work etc that can help influence others. Talented people succeed in leading others in new directions. Everyone knows the utility value and power of wealth. If it can be used wholesomely then even those who eat food after earning daily wages can aptly use their earnings and thus become ideals for others too.

Artists encompass authors, orators, singers, painters and others. They must exhibit their sensitive emotions in such a way that those who are asleep awaken and those who have awakened get inspired to act greatly.

In order to positively transform the world's environment Yuga Nirman Yojana that is executing such feats will require many means. Not only Bhamashahs but that squirrels who filled their hair with sand so as to throw it in the ocean, self surrendered monkeys/bears of Ramayan era and boatmen too will be required. Those who possess any glory like material means, hard work, time etc must use as much as possible of it for era neo creation tasks.

It is the prime duty of brilliantly talented people the world over to reverse the wrong direction in which today's times are headed. Good will too is a great glory. Those who possess it must contribute the same for neo creation goals. Hanuman, Arjun, Guru Govind Singh, Samarth Swami Ramdas, Swami Vivekananda, Dayanandji, Gandhiji, Vinobaji etc had looked upon service to the world as the topmost spiritual practice and penance. As a result of this they were honored everywhere. In every era a responsibility has to be shouldered by sensitive people viz. by rejuvenating the cast of religion activate the psyche of world humanity with its divine light. There is no greater meritorious deed than this. Today world humanity is standing dangerously on the precipice of a downfall. In order to save them sensitive farsightedness and methodology will have to be imbibed.

Brilliant people everywhere must wholesomely use their great skills for augmenting great welfare tasks and uprooting vile activities the world over. For this an environment that is conducive must be ushered in. greatness in the world has not been deleted totally. Even today we find people practicing ethics, human and spiritual values in all fields of daily living. No doubt these people are scattered and lie latent and hence are not visible. If by awakening them they are encouraged to join in neo creation tasks then a huge army for neo creation of the world can be enlisted. If radiantly skillful people utilize their efforts and time for such great endeavors a lot can be achieved in this world.

After this comes the artist category of brilliant talented people. Those who desire to use their artistic skills for amassing money so as to get immersed in transient sense pleasures one cannot advise them but those who are devoted to Goddess Saraswati and look upon art as God's gift are unable to make apt use of their talent due to absence of proper guidance. Such people instead of misusing their art talent for narrow selfish gains must wholesomely use it for world neo creation. Those who in order to augment great tasks are making scattered efforts if they congregate and use their energy in a collective many then in a short time miraculous results will be noted. Today artistic people by collecting under one flag must work together by making a well managed program. Only then will they be considered true worshipers of Goddess Saraswati. For this goal we welcome all artists to come forward.

For creation of this era, for world rebuilding we require authors, poets, instrumentalists, singers, actors, painters etc in large numbers. They must be sensitive in character. If they insist on remaining selfish then vital energy will not manifest in their art and thus will be unable to awaken great inspirations in the psyche of world humanity.

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