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Boyfriend Fat - 5 Subtle Ways To Get Him On A Flat Belly Diet

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

Is your boyfriend fat and doesn't realise the seriousness of his condition? Some people, especially men don't realise how much damage is done by being overweight and the strain it's putting on their body. Is your boyfriend fat and getting out of breath just doing normal everyday tasks? This article looks at subtle ways to encourage him to choose a flat belly diet for himself.

This will involve some work by you as well but if you care for him you will do what's necessary to help him stay fit and healthy. You may have to use a little kidology and be a little devious as well. But nagging him won't work and comparing him to a previous fit and trim boyfriend won't either. Men especially have to feel happy and vitalised to stick to a flat belly diet. We need clear goals and encouragement so we can feel like we are achieving something or we give up.

So how can you encourage him to take an interest in his weight and health without insulting him? Like most things with men we have to feel this is our choice and our idea to really give it our all. So what we are trying to achieve here is subtle hints to make your boyfriend realise that he needs to make a change and so that he decides to do a flat belly diet and remove that boyfriend fat.

1 # - Encourage physical activity so that he gets out of breath a lot. Make him aware that the weight he is carrying is making him breathless and that he used to be able to do these activities before with ease. If I have to explain how to you can get him exerting himself with some serious physical activity you need relationship counselling not a flat belly diet. Get him to go up into the attic for something that isn't there. Tell him you want this item and get him rummaging around for hours and then break the news that it could be in the garage!

2# - Encourage him to go for walks, preferably where there are hills. This will highlight how unfit he has become. You will need to get involved obviously and encourage walking to the park or shops. If you have children encourage more activity with the children and less TV or video games. If you pick them up from school get him to walk with you or better still get him to walk to pick them up instead of you. I started walking to pick my children up and found I was quite out of breath when I got there and realised I needed to make a change. My decision and that's why I have stuck to it.

3 # - Look at holidays that include activity and excitement. If there were sports or activities he used to do but doesn't do anymore, look at holidays that involve these sports or activities. He will begin to wish he could still do them or realise that he can't and it will highlight how much his health and fitness levels have declined. Hire bicycles or those pedal carts. Don't pick holidays where everything is all around you. Go for a holiday where you have to walk to the shops or club, spa or swimming pool. This again will annoy him when he realises the weight he is carrying is contributing to his breathlessness and tiredness.

4# - This is by far the most effective. When he comes home from work have your wedding video on to remind him how he once looked and how good he can look again if he just makes an effort and accepts that he needs to take an interest in his health and fitness. If this doesn't spur him on to change his ways and opt for a flat belly diet then I'm afraid you need to take drastic action and move on to hint 5#.

5# - This is the last and most drastic action needed and involves some hard work from you. Buy a Cross Trainer and make sure its one that has a digital meter so that you can brag about how many miles you can do on it. Make sure you do it in front of him and give it some real activity. Make him feel lazy and prey on his natural need to compete. Challenge him and get him on the machine anyway you can. Once he does a bit of exercise on the Cross Trainer and realises he can't do as much as you he will want to improve and beat you.

Well... that's my 5 hints to get your boyfriend to realise he needs to change his ways and work towards a healthier life and possibly a flat belly diet to remove that boyfriend fat. It is in some ways more important for men than women as men suffer body deterioration quicker and sooner than women. As most sensible men know, women are by far the stronger sex and consequently live longer. Men need to realise they need to change their ways to live a long and healthy life.

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