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Boosting Profits Through Network Affiliates

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

As online communities continue to expand, more businesses are taking advantage of the Internet than ever before because online marketing and advertising are extremely efficient means for successful businesses.

Nowadays, more merchants and publishers are prompted the need for network affiliate programs. Network affiliate providers function as a middleman between two parties: the affiliate and the merchant or publisher.

Today, hundreds of affiliate network providers have come out in the industry. One of the most renowned affiliate network programs of today is Clickbooth.

Clickbooth provides world-class services for merchants and publishers. It works with both time-honored banner networks, as well as full-service performance networks.

Network affiliates of Clickbooth can expect channel relevant campaigns; TRUE exclusives, tested and proven offers; slim margins; direct distribution; white labels; accurate reporting; reciprocal traffic; devoted experts who are available 24/7; and widespread creative packages.

With Clickbooth, merchants and publishers can have elevated backend conversions of up to 40 to 50 percent. Publishers and merchants that have chosen Clickbooth to be their affiliate network can maximize their ROI and can be confident on their campaign's optimal performance. Also, working with Clickbooth guarantees its clients of working with dedicated experts with over 100 years experience in the industry of online marketing. Clickbooth's clients are certainly benefiting from low margins and first-class exclusive inventory; proprietary technology; and the finest tools to optimize their campaigns.

Clickbooth is also not the usual kind of affiliate network that is self-serving. In Clickbooth, network admission requires a meticulous approval process, which includes a number of phone interviews and verification. Clickbooth's in-house system impartially compares offers against each other so that it can push the best offers to exclusive publishers. Moreover, Clickbooth has a complete marketing solution to guarantee the performance and conversion of campaigns will exceed expectations.

Aside from offering the highest quality traffic, Clickbooth's compliance experts makes sure that their client's brand and investment are well-protected. Several members of Clickbooth are the biggest supporters of the novel CAN SPAM legislation and pushed the numerous requirements that are now commonplace in the said law and the entire industry. Clickbooth, which owns one of the most well-known mailing solutions in the affiliate networks industry, also conducts random audits for logs, traffic quality and email practices for all of its email publishers, aside from implementing constant dialogue between publishers and its Compliance and Technology Department. Furthermore, Clickbooth upholds confidentiality with all its publishers and advertisers so that multiple network difficulties are prevented.

The quality and services of Clickbooth are already proven by its established worldwide network of exclusive publishers, which include over 10,000 publishers motivating traffic to campaigns that employ on-site placement, email, and search techniques, and quality publishers that supervise campaigns. Unlike other network affiliates, Clickbooth does not only ensure its clients' satisfaction, but guarantees their success.

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