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Body Fat Scale - How Are They Useful?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 68   |   Comments: 0

Over the last few years, more and more people are purchasing body fat scales as awareness about the importance of the body fat percentage statistic has increased steadily. In January 2010, the Mayo clinic released findings from a nine-year study that included data from over 6000 Americans. The data showed that some people exhibited signs of obesity despite having a normal weight .Termed normal weight obesity, these people showed a high body fat percentage in their body composition. According to medical researchers, these folks face a significantly higher level risk for future heart problems compared to people with low percentages of fat in their body.

Up till now, a lot of us assume that as long as we are of normal body weight, our bodies are doing fine. Unfortunately, that is not realistic anymore. Whenever we consider our weight numbers, we should also look into how our body fat percentage is doing. One appliance that is convenient to use and can help us monitor this statistic is a body fat scale.

Body fat scales work by way of a technology called bioelectrical impedance analysis or BIA. On the scale, you will see metallic foot-pads. A low level current is passed through the body including the fat tissues, muscles and bones. All of these conduct electricity different. Based on the differences in resistance level and the algorithm employed by the scale manufacturer, one's body fat percentage is calculated.

Note that these formulas can just predict the total percentage, but wouldn't actually give you the exact or the most accurate result. This is because differences in gender, age, body size, ethnicity, and fitness level are all contributing factors that are considered during the measurement. However, whether they measure your "absolute" fat percentage doesn't matter, as they can accurately measure and monitor the changes in your bodily composition over time. This way, you know that your diet is effective, and that your total fat percentage gets significantly lower over time. Also, the body fat scales will give you an idea of what to add or remove in your current diet, as you will notice the differences every time you test yourself. This will lead you into further developing a more effective diet program.

One tip on using body fat scales: always drink the same amount of water in the same way before every test. Also, do not use the scales after you have just exercised. Exercising makes you lose a significant amount of water, and this may affect the results.

In summary, the convenience and accessibility of a home body fat scale makes it easy for keeping track. By frequently measuring something, we become more aware of it and have more motivation to improve on it.  Body fat scales can offer a practical way to do that. Which scale should you buy? Health enthusiasts usually say that the more expensive ones tend to offer greater accuracy. Don't let price deter you, though. There are great ones starting from around $50 and a really high end one will cost several hundred dollars.

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