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Bluetooth Ads Sent to Casino Customers Cell Phones

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

Are you someone who manages a casino or perhaps, wanting to set-up one? Regardless of the answer - this article is definitely for you. You will see how our new system, Bluetooth Marketing Software, will keep those customers coming and significantly increase you sales potential.

Casinos are often situated near or have their own hotels, retail shopping, restaurants and other vacation attractions. And why is that? Convenience. People won't have to worry about going far to get what they need and want. Some casinos even host concerts and sporting events, giving more reason to go the casino.


Earlier, we mentioned about increasing sales potential. We do this by both being cost-efficient and maximizing product visibility. Lets start with being visible to both potential and existing customers.

If you strategically install the bluetooth broadcaster on high traffic areas, it would continuously scan for bluetooth devices and send notification to them. Those who accept would then start receiving the content, while those who opt out will be remembered and will not receive notifications in the future. And because bluetooth is a radio-type technology, you can repeat on broadcasting your content for as long as you like because it is FREE. Now, this should save you from the usual cost of traditional advertising or marketing such as commercials or print.

With a wide coverage of up to 300-meters, you can broadcast content such as time-limited comps or complimentary items, such as free food or room for the first 5 customers to play poker within 15 minutes after receiving the content. You can also broadcast discount coupons at the nearby boutique or mall. Content can be customized to satisfy targeted customers. Simple text for the business crowd, catchy tunes for teens and kids and eye-candy graphics for the young professionals.

You can broadcast short movie clips or graphics of any upcoming events or promos. And because it is saved on their mobile devices, customers can show them to their family and friends. In the same way, contact information can also be broadcasted. Imagine, free broadcasting whenever customers scroll their phone list.

Casinos also focus greatly in security, such as physical security and specialized surveillance. In a secured bluetooth session, you can also issue a personalized graphic card to club members. Providing them unique password would ensure that only they would receive the content. That's a huge savings compared to issuing plastic cards every time.

For increased customer satisfaction, you can also broadcast maintenance announcements, short directory for important services, maintenance schedules - even short surveys.

Added revenues can also be obtained from paid advertising. Other companies can pay you to broadcast their content to your customers - car rentals, local tours, gas and services and the like.

The broadcaster can also be placed in a strategic location such as busy intersections to give driving and Google map directions to your customers. This is especially useful if competing casinos are nearby.

There are but some examples of how the system can be implemented. The possibilities are limitless and your investment returns easily.


All you need is just the Bluetooth Marketing Software and the 300-meter broadcaster unit.

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