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Blood Sugar | Causes of High Blood Sugar

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

Some of the other causes of high blood sugar levels are cases when a person may be undergoing an abnormal health condition. When multiple disorders affect a body, then some of them may tend to affect the insulin receptivity of the cellulose and molecules in the human body thus rendering the sugar produced with no place to go. These excess sugar molecules are the reason for the high blood sugar during fasting tests. Other reasons include pregnancy and the time of delivery. At these times, it has been found that the cells of the body In a woman may be undergoing a rapid transformation in a period of highly charged molecular activity, which tends to sometimes produce high sugar.

There are basically two main causes of high blood sugar:

Dawn effect

Chronic Somogyi Rebound

Dawn Effect: It explains that increase in the level of sugar in blood in the morning is because of the changes that take place when the person is sleeping. These changes cause the level of insulin to drop down. The level of insulin also drops because of the release of growth hormones that normally occurs in the morning. The blood glucose levels of a normal person are controlled naturally however if a person is suffering from diabetes he has to control the level by injecting insulin or by following a strict diet plan.

Somogyi Rebound: Those diabetics who are unable to follow a strict diet plan have to suffer from high blood sugar symptoms in the morning that are termed Somogyi Effect. For instance if a person took insulin injection early in evening or did not take sufficient dinner or bedtime snack, his blood sugar level may drop drastically in the middle of night. This would trigger the body to release hormones that could increase the level of sugar in blood. This low blood sugar attack is termed hypoglycemia. Less amount of insulin dose also results in an increase in the level of blood glucose in the morning.

It is important to realize that, if you do have ketones in your urine, then your blood sugar concentrations will be higher than they should be and, with continued evidence of ketones, your blood sugar concentrations can continue to increase. At this stage it is very important to bring down the concentrations of sugar in your blood. Otherwise the tiny blood vessels within your eyes could become damaged, as well as the blood supply to your kidneys.

We know how common high fructose corn syrup is in today's foods - look on practically any label and you'll find it. Detractors claim it contributes to obesity and being overweight, while tricking the body into wanting to eat more. Yet the industry has invested in a series of TV ads to convince the public the sweetener is safe and natural, while also claiming that the additive helps prolong shelf life, keeps moisture in, and is cheaper to use than real sugar.

Following a proper meal plan is another reason the blood sugar levels rise. Diabetics need to regulate when they eat, how much they eat, and they need to make sure their diabetic diet has foods that help regulate their blood sugar levels. They also need to make sure they eat smaller meals, like 5 small meals instead of 3 big meals. The reason for this is smaller meals are easier for your body to regulate the sugar that enters your bloodstream.

Another reason is not getting enough exercise. Exercise is a great source to help you get into shape and shed a few unwanted pounds. It also is an excellent way for diabetics to help lower the sugar in their bloodstream. This is because when you exercise, you use energy. In order to help fuel the energy, your body looks to sugar. It will first use the sugar in your blood, and then it will look elsewhere. This is why a diabetic diet and exercise is an important part of a diabetic's life.

Blood sugar too high can be a serious problem is not assessed and addressed properly. In fact, one of the complications of having high sugar, diabetes, is becoming to be a common disease, affecting nearly 5% of the US. What's worst, some people with diabetes have been living with the condition without even knowing it. To maintain an average and good levels of sugar going around and supporting the cells of your body, make it a point to check blood sugar by using a blood glucose meter or by making an appointment with your doctor.

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