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Black & Decker CTO6301 Toaster Oven Reviews

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

Black Decker CTO6301 Toaster Oven

I recently purchased this oven and so far, I am quite pleased with it. For the price, it has many more features than ovens that are substantially more expensive.

The oven feels solid and well built and looks very nice, the brushed stainless steel and black trim are quite sharp and it blends in easily with most modern kitchen appliances. There is no internal oven light but the elements glow enough for you to view the food through the clear glass front making it easy to check on the progress without opening the oven door.

It is a bit larger than a standard toaster oven but can fit substantially larger items inside, including a 12 inch pizza. You should check the dimensions of the appliance before purchasing to make sure it fits your needs and your counters for that matter.

The controls are mostly intuitive but you may have to fiddle around with it a few times before you get the hang of it. There are quite a few different options but they are self explanatory for the most part. The buttons are clearly marked with letters and a picture, which also shows up in the display when activated. The display is bright and easy to read with the digital timer and temperature setting flashing consecutively. The timer can be set for up to two hours, which is a rare find. The oven beeps with each button push and also beeps 3 times when the timer expires. It's loud but not obnoxiously so. The oven temperature can be adjusted by 5 degree increments which believe it or not is quite rare. Many other manufacturers have preset temperatures that don't always make sense and can not be altered, which is far from practical.

The oven preheats quickly and seems to maintain a steady temperature with or without the fan. The fan is surprisingly quiet especially compared with some of the more expensive ovens. Food seems to cook evenly though you do need to make sure you keep items at least 2 inches from the top element or it will burn. Larger items will typically need to be rotated at least once during cooking to ensure even browning. Toasting takes a bit longer than a regular toaster so those of you new to toaster ovens, please keep this in mind. This oven does a nice job of toasting though you may need to adjust the rack and you do need to keep an eye on it until you find the setting that suits you best. The bagel feature is also nice as it toasts the top while only warming the bottom.

The pans included with the oven are the standard broiler pan and baking tray as well as a pizza pan. The pans are a bit flimsy but many regular baking pans will easily fit into this oven and produce better results. Using the pizza pan for baking pizza will result in a very soft crust. If you want it crispy, bake directly on the rack. The rack can be adjusted to four different positions which allows for a bit more flexibility in terms of what you can fit inside the oven. Since the rack is adjustable it is not attached to the door so you have to manually slide it out to remove items but the door opens completely and lies flat so the access to the interior of the oven is easier.

The oven does get quite hot but hey, it is an oven. Just make sure the oven is located in a place where hands would not come into contact with the sides, front and especially the top. Take note of the height of the oven and make sure that there is adequate clearance on the sides and top of the oven before purchasing. The bottom of the oven does not get hot so countertops should not be damaged. The glass door also gets quite hot but the handle remains cool.

The crumb tray pulls straight out from the front and is completely flat so clean up is a snap. The interior of the oven is also easy to clean as is the outside of the oven. The power cord is a bit longer than usual which gives you added flexibility with placing the oven but you have to be careful the cord does not touch the sides of the oven as again, they do get quite hot.

All and all I found this oven to be very much worth the price. It has many more features than more expensive ovens. It looks nice and so far, seems to work quite well.

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