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Birmingham NLP Training Courses

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

As an NLP master professional and trainer, I reckon it would be useful for you to know what my involvement with NLP has been.

I started learning NLP more than 9 years ago and it's been a breathtaking journey. I actually started acquainting about NLP by reading a not too many books and I even worked with 'clients' and family members before I got my certification. Looking behind me now, even though my skills were tiny and I'm sure I even did a few techniques wrong, I was still getting excellent results.

I then did my NLP practitioner training. Many people assume you do the practitioner training and then the master practitioner training - and that the comprehension and the skills are in the trainings.

The truth is a good course will instill inside you the systems and some of the skills that you will need, but, as significantly, a good NLP training course will accelerate your expansion and self development - removing limiting ideology and blocks while amplifying your persistence and resolve to get up and achieve.

For me, I revealed that I was able to see more, to hear more and to feel more. I started to learn a way my state, what I was thinking, to switch my own beliefs, to look at truths as creditable and not ultimate nor immovable.

NLP has been extremely liberating and I am experiencing so much more of the world. My senses have been heightened.

And yet it has been so much more than theoretical!

I've done every sort of sales job there is, from door to door sales to telemarketing, from consultative selling to selling retail.... and I've found that my NLP talents help me to realize much more than my colleagues could. Far more.

As a 'therapist' I have been lucky enough to be featured in the news a lot of times for cases that were intended to be 'impossible'. These were folks that suffered from phobias, anxieties, mysterious prolonged agony and each and every one of them had endured for years and had seen so many specialists before me. And yet inside a handful of hours ( for the most difficult of cases), they were 'sorted'.

NLP is in the doing, in the experience.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and you will be learning the way to overcome challenges, to switch someone's frame of time, to dump fears in under five mins and other truly excellent feats.... and of course, the more you practice, the more you learn.

I can say, the biggest gift I've received from my journey into NLP is the realisation that NLP is such a lot that static, there is still that is still to be learnt and changed and many new ideas to be made. It is an exciting time.

I can now cure a phobia within a minute. I can change people's beliefs with simply a sentence vs a 'session't and life is just different.

After attending even just the NLP consultant coaching your life will change. Guaranteed. You'll understand how your brain works, you'll begin to see patterns and most importantly, you'll get a new angle and a new take on things.

This will continue to refine itself over time and looking back 3 years from now, you will be stunned at how significantly things have changed for you. This can continue happening forever.

A good NLP tutor will give and give, unreservedly. He/she will even give you what they've just created/realised because they know that in the giving, there is far more taking, there's learning. Pick your tutor wisely.

To find out more about NLP, the courses I do and to see more of the results I have been able to achieve with the use of NLP, click here.

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