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Big Hit with Babies: Hair Clips and Bows

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 34   |   Comments: 0

Hair Clips and Baby Bows: The No-Slip Advantage

Is there anything more adorable than hair clips in your baby girl's hair? If you're looking for original baby gifts that mom will love, consider hair clips. These adorable baby bows can give mom the chance to do her baby girl's hair a little bit differently. The best part? These hair accessory products don't come out until you take them out. No slips means you won't need to buy the same thing over and over again.

Baby Hair Clip: What's Available?

Many babies, if they have hair at all, have very fine hair that doesn't hold clips well until they're two, three or even older. Fortunately, there are clips available that take that baby fine hair into account. They are tight enough that they don't slip, but not so tight that they tug at your daughter's hair and hurt her.

No Slippy Hair Clippy (www.hairclippy.com) accessories are lined in high grade velvet so they stay snug and comfortable. You can choose from baby bows that are designed for special occasions including birthdays. You can choose from clips that have little flowers, animals, lady bugs, cute little patterns and ruffles. Your baby hair clip or clips can come in a variety of colors, including pink, blue, purple, orange, red, yellow, cream or green, so you can choose the hair clips that are best for your baby.

The Advantage of Baby Bows

It's an unfortunate truth that it's hard to tell the sex of a newborn unless they're dressed in pink, blue or wearing a dress. With a baby bow, you have a fool-proof way to announce to the world that your child is a little girl. These bows are simple and sweet, with adorable designs. Like the clips, they don't slip out and they won't tug on your daughter's hair.

Headbands are also available. They can be set at a jaunty angle on your child's head or right on top. They're made from comfortable material that's stretchy. The bands use velvet, organdy, satin, lace and organic cotton. If your daughter's hair is long enough (or when it grows out), you can wrap it around her hair to stick it up in a ponytail.

Finding These Hair Accessories

Whether you're looking for the perfect baby gifts for a friend's newborn or just want a beautiful hair accessory for your little girl, visit www.hairclippy.com. There, you can explore the wide variety of hair clip options and decide which ones you can't live without. Now, it's easier than ever to do something adorable with your daughter's fine hair.

If you really love what you see, check out the adult or teen section and get some for yourself or someone else. There are fun bows, headbands and clips available for women of every age. You can even get custom-made products. You can also explore noslippyhairclippy.blogspot.com for some excellent hair advice and suggestions about what to do with your, or someone else's, beautiful locks.

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