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Bible Companion On Hiv/aids

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 29   |   Comments: 0




HIV is an abbreviation for "Human Immuno Deficiency Virus".  What is a virus?  A germ, which causes disease.  HIV reduces people's resistance to illness and can cause AIDS.

AIDS is an abbreviation for"Acquired Immuned Deficiency Syndrome".  An illness destroys the natural body defenses against diseases.  It is a deadly disease caused by a small germ called HIV.

If a person is HIV positive, it means he or she is infected with the HIV virus which may develop AIDS.  HIV has been found in body fluids like semen, vaginal fluid, and blood with breast milk of infected people.  In 1991 in the City of New York - America, one in sixty pregnant women was already infected with HIV and many of them are now HIV positive and suffering from AIDS.  Babies whose mothers were HIV positive became affected through infected needles used to inject drugs.

Accordingly, there are currently fifty-nine prisoners diagnosed as HIV positive, but none has developed full-blown AIDS.


HIV destroys the body's own natural ability to fight off different kind of infections. It is expedient you know that man was born with an inbuilt disease/sickness resisting ability - consciously or unconsciously.  When a person's own body ability to fight off infections get destroyed by HIV, then the infected person will begin to die a slow death.  This is because all manner of sickness and disease will begins to have a field day in such a person's life.  When he/she tires to cure one today in the morning, before evening another sickness has come to attack the same person. It is at this stage, you now discover that such a person is incurable because HIV/AIDS has no cure.


AIDS is a worldwide problem.  It has no boarder.  It has no restriction or limitation. It is found both in the villages, towns and cities.  It is a disease that is plaguing the poor, the middle class and the rich. It is not selective of topography.  It is not a disease for the decent people or for the less privileged. Whosoever is infected by it is infected on its own accord. Some folks up to this time of writing call it "a white man's disease."  Some whites too call it, the "Blackman's burden". But all the same, it is everywhere round the world!  And it is here in Nigeria. In an address presented to the 53rd session of the United Nations General Assembly New York, on 24th September 1999, by former President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria, he said "HIV/AIDS now kills around two million Africans yearly". Thus, it has officially overtaken malaria as Africa's number one primary health care problem. According to this report, the situation is even more frightening in that it has now left over six million children orphaned in the Eastern and South parts of Africa.  Here in West Africa, particularly Nigeria, the disease has been spreading rapidly just like the hammattan fire. Unlike malaria, which is location specific, HIV/AIDS as I mentioned earlier, knows neither climate nor regional boundaries. The report concluded.

In Lagos Nigeria, a report released by the State Ministry of Heath in 2004 indicated that 2/3 (two thirds) of the students diagnosed in selected schools in the state tested positive to HIV/AIDS. Repeatedly, HIV/AIDS has not gotten any known cure, what is put in place around the world including Nigeria is the systematic national control program for AIDS/STD. Part of this control program is to create awareness.


This is a global challenge, as AIDS has no age limit. And in the recent times, news has it that religious leaders - church elders, bishops, pastors, including imams, sheikhs, alhajis /alhajas, Sat Gurus and other stakeholders in various religious sects of the world have contracted and tested positive or died of this deadly scourge.  It is also on record that many artisans, political leaders and sages have also died of HIV/AIDS complications worldwide.

It is in line of this disturbing phenomenon with our calling for a passion to rescue the hurting and dying humanity that we are compelled to enlightened this audience today that AIDS is real! And is here with us. We don't need to be religious or sentimental about it. It is everywhere; it is baseless to shy away from presenting the whole truth. Today, according to statistics available during the world AIDS day celebrated on December 1, 2005, about 4 million people in a population of over 140 million people in Nigeria is said to be living with AIDS while over 47 million people are said to be living with AIDS around the world. This is a very alarming scenario. Moreover, it calls for urgent attention.  The report reveals that 34,000,000 of the staggering 47 million HIV/AIDS carriers are residents here in the sub Saharan Africa.  Thus, we have piles of worries to busy ourselves with.  It is in line with this we present to you here, what we know the Bible has said about this kind of pandemic.  Please read with open mind and allow this holy writ bring you to the position of quality decision on the way forward as we suggested at the end of the book.  God bless you.

Yours for humanity,

Apostle Alfredarian P. I. Edefe

Enerhen, Warri - Nigeria

October 20, 2006



Every meaningful person reading this piece, or listening to the sound of my voice as I deliver this subject right away must have gotten one or more questions to ask me. This is because the issue at stake is of a grave concern. As a minister of the gospel and student of the Bible, I will not hesitate to answer the agitating question that may have been in the mind of my hearers here. Such questions as "Is there any sufficient bible portion where AIDS is mentioned?" the answer is NO!  Nevertheless, listen to this.

The Bible, my friend, is such a wonderful book that virtually, there is no known subject on earth that is not mentioned in the bible. However, the bible, which is the book of books, may not use the same definite or specific terms of words like the modern English or American man would use it. But the phraseology or terminology of Bible language will normally fit into such discourse.

In the following references, God gave definite instructions to His chosen nation Israel. Israel, you know, is God's world-wall clock.  He always uses them as a part for the whole to experiment His plan and purpose for mankind and His entire creations.  Let us read of these instructions:

1.         Leviticus 18:19, 22-24

"Never have sexual intercourse with a woman while she is unclean during her monthly period.  Never have sexual intercourse with a man as with a woman (anal sex/homosexuality). It is disgusting.  Never have sexual intercourse with any animal and became unclean with it. A woman must never offer herself to an animal for sexual intercourse.  It is unnatural.  Do not become unclean in any of these ways. By these practices all the nations which I am forcing out of your way have become unclean" (GWN - Bible Society).

2.         Leviticus 19:29

"Never dishonor your daughter by making her a prostitute, or the country will turn to prostitution and be filled with people who are perverted" (GWN - Bible Society).

3.         Leviticus 20:15 - 16

"A man who has sexual intercourse with an animal must be put to death. You must kill the animal too.  When a woman offers herself sexually to any animal, you must kill both the woman and the animal. They deserve to die"

(GWN - Bible Society)

4.        Leviticus 26:23-25

"If this discipline does not help and you still resist then I, too, will resist you.  I will punish you seven times for your sins.  I will bring war on you to get revenge for my promise that you rejected. When you gather in your cities, I will send PLAGUES (PESTILENCE) on you and you will fall under the control of your enemy.

Note: The word Plague means "A very infectious disease that spreads quickly and kills large numbers of people or animals."  BBC English Dictionary

Pestilence is "a disease that spread quickly and kills large number of people" - BBC English Dictionary.

5.         Deuteronomy 28:15, 21 - 22

"Obey the Lord your God, and faithfully follow all His commands and laws that I am giving you today.  If you don't, all these curses will come to you and stay close to you.

The Lord will send one plague after another on you until He wipes you out of the land you're about to enter and take possession of. The Lord will strike you with disease, fever, and inflammation, heat waves, drought, scorching winds, and ruined crops.  They will pursue you until you die."  (GWN - Bible Society)

These instructions to the Jewish people have some infinite purpose.  Moreover, the outright violation of that natural law has today lewd mankind into the present predicament.  This predicate on HIV/AIDS came because of man's gross abuse of the biological process of human procreation with the opposite sexes.  This process, which is call deviate norms, has as a mater of conscience, brought mankind to the same level with beasts.  Thus, mankind is now in dilemma. Ecclesiastes 3:18 - 19

"I thought to myself, "God is going to test humans in order to show them that they are like animals.  Humans and animals have the same destiny.  One dies like the other.  All of them have the same breath of life. Humans have no advantage over animals. All of life is pointless."

"God's anger is revealed from heaven against every ungodly and immoral thing people do as they try to suppress the truth by their immoral living. What can be known about God is clear to them because He has made it clear to them from creation of the world, God's invisible qualities, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly observed in what He made.  As a result, people have no excuse.  They knew God but did not praise and thank Him for being God.  Instead, their thoughts were total nonsense, and their misguided minds were plunged into darkness.

While claiming to be wise, they became fools.  They exchanged the glory of the immortal God for statutes that looked like mortal human, birds, animals and snakes. For this reason, God allowed their lusts to control them. As a result, they dishonor their bodies by sexual perversion with each other.  These people have exchanged God's truth for a lie.  So they have become ungodly and serve what is created rather than the creator, who is blessed forever.  Amen.

For this reason God allowed their shameful passions to control them. Their women have exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. Likewise, their men have given up natural sexual relations with women and burn with lust for each other.  Men commit indecent acts as with men, so they experience among themselves the punishment they deserve for their perversion.  Moreover, because they thought it wasworthless to acknowledge God, God allowed their own immoral minds to control them.  So they do these indecent things."  Romans 1:18 - 28 (GWN - Bible Society)

This is the word of the Lord God and we can do nothing to change it.  Now the puzzle is,           how can you know who have AIDS.  The popular view is that AIDS DOES NOT SHOW IN THE FACE.  In addition, if one is affected, he or she will not notice it right away.  Moreover, in most cases, a few years may pass away before such person develops any sign or symptoms of the disease.  This is why we said, you cannot tell by looking who has AIDS.  However, the following are signs of HIV/AIDS infection in a person.


1.         Weight loss:

Progressive and unexplainable weight loss more than 10% of a person's body weight

2.         Fever: Unexplained or recurrent fever for more than one month


1.         Cough for more than one month.

2.         Itchy skin rashes.

3.         Swollen glands at two or more sites in the neck, under arm, groan area.

4.         Thrush in the mouth and throat. Thrush is an infection that most often, occurs in the mouth of babies or in women's vaginas.

5.         Tiredness even when the person has not done any work.

Were you to be worried about this AIDS or you notice one or some of these signs in your self or others related or close to you, you are advised to go to the nearest hospital or health centre for a clean medical check up. These can be signs of other disease status. These can be signs of other diseases in one's body also. Know your HIV/AIDS status. This will ease you lots of stress and tension.  Having said that, let us move to the next chapter for the answer to another pertinent question.



In the previous chapter, we quoted extensive scriptures showing God's own laid down instructions for man in relationship to man/woman biological necessities.  The long and short of it all is that the gross violation of these natural laws has brought an adverse effect upon human kind.  The second question to consider here is:


A person could get infection easily with HIV/AIDS through one or any of the following two sources: physical and spiritual sources.

(a)       Physical sources which are:

1.         Mainly through having sexual intercourse with someone who is already infected. He or she may look very handsome or beautiful because and ordinarily harmless with good-looking healthy body. But good looks are not enough; such a one can still freely give you HIV/AIDS consciously or subconsciously.

2.         It has been asserted that HIV/AIDS can be contracted willingly or unwillingly through unscreened infected blood through blood transfusion. This explains another reason why God told His chosen people Israel to abstain from eating blood - both of man and of animal. It is the essence of life.

Leviticus 17:12 - 14

"Therefore I said unto the children of Israel, no soul of you shall eat blood, neither shall any stranger that sojourneth among you eat blood.

And whatsoever, man there be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn among you which hunteth and catcheth any beast or fowl that may be eaten; he shall even pour out the blood thereof, and cover it with dust.

For it is the life of all flesh thereof; therefore I said unto the children of Israel, ye shall eat the blood of no manner of flesh: for the life of all flesh is the blood thereof; whomsoever eateth it shall be cut off".

3.         Un-sterilized needles, cutting tools- such as knives, barbers' clippers, razor blades and other sharp objects which have come in contact with infected blood during circumcision, tribal markings, tattoos, surgical operations, treatment of fresh injuries, etc.

4.         Breast milk of infected people. An infected pregnant woman can pass it to her child before, during childbirth, or through breast-feeding.

5.         It has also been discovered that one can contact AIDS through saliva of an infected person involved in deep passionate kisses or body fluids like semen or vaginal discharge.

(b)       Spiritual

Without hesitation, every true child of God knows fully well that the spiritual realm controls the physical.  Nothing happens to an individual that has not first had a bearing in the spiritual. Therefore, what we want to discuss in this subsection have nothing to do with your belief:  whether you accept the truth or not, a Christian or a Muslim, heathen or atheist, your belief cannot change the fact, as I would want to present it here.  Your own unbelief cannot change the truth of the scriptures that have been proof and tested over the ages.

Research work has proven in recent times that there is a spiritual dimension to the issue of HIV/AIDS infection. I know it is not everyone reading through this piece is necessarily a born again Christian. But suffice me to crave for your indulgence that you should disabuse your mind. Divorce yourself from idealism and marry realism with me over this issue.

It is not every celebrated case of HIV/AIDS infection is of human physical contacts. What I am trying to say here is that very many a person, who ordinarily are disciplined folks, well behaved and not given to promiscuity have but ended up in the gnashing teeth of the dreaded HIV/AIDS. Some folks too, have ended up their lives abruptly by committing suicide. This became their last resort after a medical report tends to validate the fear that their illness is not just mere sickness but HIV/AIDS.

A boyhood friend and a college classmate of mine committed suicide on May 1, 2001 by jumping into the high surging currents of the longest river at my hometown.  This young man was a business tycoon in one of the northern states of Nigeria when he took ill.  He came back home to be treated of his illness.  However, after few days at the hometown, he left a suicide note behind.  This led people to trace him to the local river in the high forest regions, where they recovered his lifeless body later at the bank of the river.  This was after 3 days of rigorous search.  He apologized in his suicide note that he had taken the hard path to end his life because he had a medical report from a hospital.  The report indicted him of having HIV/AIDS infection.  He said he could not stand the test of time and so, have to go!  He died at a productive age of 37/38 without a wife or a child to mourn him.  This is more than meeting the eyes!

Some few years back, a dear Christian sister in Port Harcourt, the capital garden City of Rivers State in the Niger-Delta South/South Geographical zone of Nigeria, had a similar medical report.  She had been sick for many months.  Moreover, as fate would have it, she decided to go for medical check up.  After series of laboratory tests, it was confirm that she had the HIV/AIDS virus.  Nevertheless, whose reports will you believe? We will finish our talk in the next chapter. Read on.



Remember that we are treating HIV/AIDS in the light of the Holy Bible. Therefore, I will not show you anything or give you any solution that will not dovetail or have a bearing with God and His inspired word for the modern man of all ages and classes.  Our guiding principle for this talk is   from Hose 4:6, which states as follows:

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee€¦" KJV

Look at another translation:

"I will destroy my people because they are ignorant. You have refused to learn€¦."  (GWN - Bible Society)

Sickness and diseases have a spirit.  The spirit of sickness and diseases is sin.  Moreover, the power of sin is the stigma of death.  Therefore, before you take your case to a medical doctor, have you found out what is the spirit behind your problem?  Your lack of knowledge of the power of God and your inability to believe or accept the truth that there are only two powerful influences affecting mankind in every area of endeavor will only speedy your untimely death to an inglorious end.

These two powerful influences are the power of good and the power of evil.  The power of life and the power of death: The power of God and the power of the devil.  Your knowledge of this revelation will aid you to discover yourself.  Therefore, you will timely recover from all attacks of the enemy who is now everywhere distributing sickness and diseases free of charge, even with other fringe demonic benefits! While men slept, the devil has cultivated the vast field of the human heart and mind with the evil seed of afflictions, poverty, sickness, disease, sorrow, ignorance, disappointment, wretchedness, hate, perversion, and spiritual blindness.  This is great tragedy!

Sometime in 1999, I was having a great time with the Lord for a period of forty days in prayers, supplications, intercessions, fasting, and thanksgiving.  The Lord, in one of those days, spoke to my heart through the word of knowledge.  He specifically gave me an injunction for my extended family.  He told me to pass that instruction to the eldest male member of my father's household against what was coming to hit the entire family as from the year AD 2000. That period of consecration did not allow me for any travel.  What I did then was to pray earnestly. Put those instructions into writing.  I called two members of our staff and prayed with them. I brought that instruction from the Lord out, put it in an addressed envelope, and sealed it for onward dispatch to the head of my family.  My family head then was, as I thought, an elder of a  certain church. I mistakenly believed before that time, that he believed in the supernatural; and that he would understand what the Holy Spirit was saying to me and our entire household as a warning a year ahead of us.

I waited for his response in vain for many weeks.  I decided to visit him after my spiritual exercise was over. I was dismayed and disappointed when I got to my kinsman.  He dismissed the word of the Lord to me with the back wave of his hand.  He told me "things like that do not exist". He went further to tell me later that, were such things existed, he personally did not believe in it. He accused me of over indulgence and religious fanaticism.  To say the least, a year and eleven months later, he made sure he personally got me severely and brutally dealt with, for daring to show him the wisdom of God.

I was physically given an assault occasioning harm as a result of that issue. It was a divine intervention from God that my family head did not kill me during that encounter. I regretted indeed, that bitter experience in my life even after being a full time minister of the gospel for over 12 years before that time.

The verdict however, came, just few months after the incident vindicating me of the Lord's vision for mine father's households. More than 70% of those things that the Holy Ghost warned me against my father's household have all come to fulfillments.  It had not being a pleasant experience for the family. The truth is that my family did not obey the Lord's word given me. When I realized the negative consequences this was creating for me - I have to, as a matter of necessity, separate myself from the family altar that was ruling my father's idolatrous household. The Christian race is both strictly individualistic and exclusively personal, at least to an extent.

Sometime ago, during one of my missionary campaigns to the city of Lagos, the confession of a 12-year-old demonized marine spirit possessed girl stunned my heart. This girl had demonic power to transform herself into an adult male personality. She would take on the face of any of the handsome pastors in her Church at night.  She would move with the person's personality to have sexual intercourse with any beautiful lady of her choice amongst her Church members.

Sometimes too, she may decide to drop her own body and transformed herself into a female adult sister of her church. She will in the beauty, gaiety and personality of the body she had assumed, moved into the house of a brother, likely one of her Church evangelists also, to consume her lustful passion with that minister.

According to her confession, she takes delight in doing those dirty things at will. Think of it. A 12-year-old girl! What then transpires literarily is that, the person whose body and organ she uses will just find him or her making love to someone in the dream. He or she will be having wet or blue dreams. By the time, such a person wakes up, he or she will actually become terribly weak, tired or even become wet with semen or vaginal discharge all over his or her body.  Others sleep to find him or herself cooking, baking cake, salad or serving food cooked by another person. Worst still, a greater percentage of people end up every night, eating and drinking in their dreams.

What is the meaning of all these issues that I have raised here?  How do they relate to HIV/AIDS virus?  My dear, pardon me.  Please be patient with me as you read on.  What I am trying to pass across to you for the past forty minutes is that the activities of spiritual forces and powers are as real in life as well as in the spirit realm.  At another time too, we had it that the end time forces of darkness have commissioned very many daughters of eve, who really had become ladies of low virtue, street fighters, and hogs of various shapes and sizes.

They had gotten a satanic anointing to invade the territory of mankind with HIV/AIDS.  What they do is that they go all over the places selling themselves to men of like minds, who have become dogs.  Every man they have sex with, automatically contract the dreaded disease - HIV/AIDS. They open themselves up for all manner of men - any day, any time, anywhere, any how and any place.  A majority of these ladies are presently parading themselves as hair beauty saloon operators and stylists. Some are even students in the secondary and other tertiary institutions of higher learning.

One lady confessed, after the power of God had dealt with her, that she had had sex with over 75 co-students and lecturers at the University. These persons would at one time or the other, fall sick. By the time, such person goes for medical check up, he or she will end up being diagnosed HIV/AIDS positive.

The irony of this is that, the lady in question who had being ordained by Asmodee, and Molech, the goddess of sex and fashion, to pollute humanity with sex will herself test negative - were you to send her to know her HIV/AIDS status. The reason for this is that the sex organ that she has turned to a stream of flowing traffic with men is not actually a part of her body. It is a spiritual organ. Some of them just have mouth of serpents; some turn it to that of the anus of a dog or fish, which makes them, become sexually insatiable with great indicting libidinous indexes.  This is the latest innovation in the series of satanic product - launch to destroy mankind.  There is a serious warfare going on in the heavenlies.  The entire human race is in real greater trouble still ahead.

Just as this book was about going to the press, a lady from the neighboring  City of Benin Edo State Nigeria came calling at my office here in Warri , for counseling. She said she had problem battling with a certain ailment in her body.  Having taken medication for over a two year period in vain, she decided to go for spiritual solution. According to her, she was in a dream when a strange man appeared before her.  The man striped her naked while she was helpless.  Though the strange fellow did not make love to her; however, the man inserted a whitish substance into her vagina.

Since that time, she continues to experience itches round her restricted zones, while expulsions of body fluids from her private part continues to occur.  This also includes her reaching orgasm from time to time, whether when asleep, awake or seating alone relaxing without a man caressing her!

What I wish to submit before you sir, is that, outside the physical sources of contracting HIV/AIDS, the devil and its agents have succeeded to a large proportion, in devising spiritual means and methods of afflicting some persons they wish to become HIV/AIDS victim at their beck and calls.  Mankind is in real trouble!  Through a mighty deliverance by the power of God such people are free, if they truly want to be free.  This became the reason why HIV/AIDS has truly defiled every medical solution.  It has no cure.  This is because foods eaten as well as sexual intercourse made in dreams have three main objectives:

1.         To weaken/poison your spiritual base

2.         To program and manipulate your body immunity - thereby making your body system vulnerable to diseases and attacks that will become incurable.

3.         To drain or tap your virtues as a man or woman thereby loosing your destiny.

Many people today are mad along our streets because their problems were spiritually programmed into them in their dreams. Do not underestimate your dream life.  And on a sound note, don't underrate the powers of the witches, wizards, marine spirit, olokun and ogbanje. Subject yourself to a comprehensive and complete deliverance under the ministry of an anointed true man of God, if you have other kinds of dreams.

Sexual dreams: Having funs, sweet romances, wining and dining with people you know or may not know, are unwholesome in dreams.  It is a very short cut to contracting various kinds of sickness, including AIDS.

In one of our midnight vigils at one of our mission fields some years ago, a lady was rushed to the venue of our meetings. This incident occurred at about 2:00 am during that meeting. She was terribly sick and gasping for breath.  I prayed all manner of prayers, conducted deliverance, but this lady did not get her healing.  I became apprehensive in my spirit.  However, the LORD told me to leave her in order to be able to finish the agenda I have for that vigil.  Therefore, I asked the Lord to protect the lady until I was through with the congregation.  After I dismissed the crowd, I went over to the lady to take the history of her sickness.  To my amazement, the sickness actually began that night at about 11:30 PM in her sleep.

She narrated what happened.  First, she had a quarrel in the daytime, with a lady who was flirting with her husband.  Her husband took exception to that quarrel and gave her a slap.  She never fought back with her husband.  What she did was very silly and nasty. She grounded some slices of pepper on a grounding stone.  She mixed the pepper with water, and put it in a container. She went to the market stall where her rivalry was busy selling her wares.  Unknowingly to the other lady that she was there for a spoil, she brought out her hidden container and poured the content of the peppery liquid into her face. Here, a brawl ensured until their spectators separated them.

No one else retaliated or did anything further against the lady they brought before us that night. However, the victim's father felt very embarrassed, humiliated, and disgraced because his daughter had been conquered and intimidated greatly in an open shame.  That broad daylight encounter at the market square paved the way for what later transpired in the midnight.

While this lady who thought she has conquered her rival was now fast asleep, the night caterers decided to visit her.  The father of her victim came into her dream with a beautiful plate of cooked eba (garri) and hot stew loaded with fried meat. With that food, he appealed to the lustful, gluttonous appetite of the iron fist lady. Don't forget, this was a spiritual matter.  The father of her victim had conquered her spirit and manipulated his way into her to eat the food he had brought her.  Without wasting time, our lady lavished the eba, with the stew, and all the meat.  No sooner had she finished her dinner party from the demonic night caterer than she awoke from her sleep!  Immediately, she became feverish.  Next, she began to experience serious stomach disorder.  She fell down from her bed and was screaming, wailing and yelling while rolling herself on the bare floor. She was still in that state of pain and fever when her people brought her to us that might.

Thank God for the power of the Holy Ghost.  After her story, we laid hands on her.  Behold, she vomited every bit of the food and meat she had eaten in her sleep.  Straight away, she received her healing! This goes to show that majority of those sickness and diseases that have defiled orthodox medicine have their roots in spiritual food poisoning, witchcraft/ogbanje marine manipulations, and sorceries.  May the LORD deliver this generation from the spirit of unbelief, ignorance, lack of revelation, and discernment of spirits in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Why do you think my own friend and a classmate of mine who had being very successful in business should jump into the river to kill himself?  Was it because he had caught the HIV/AIDS virus?  His problem must be trace back to the household wickedness, witchcraft activities, and marine spirit of his father's house.

Listen.  It is not every medically certified cases of HIV/AIDS tested positive are truly genuine. Also not every medical case is a spiritual case - but the spirit behind it is spiritual.  This calls for caution. This is why you see; I have left the natural to tell you about the supernatural.  It will take a great deal of time and energy to make you understand this point.  In fact, I really pity you who are not a genuine born again Christian believer.

You are an easy prey for the devil that is roaring like a lion, seeking for whom it may devour! Your body is as good a sumptuous meal to demons as the delicacies and loquacious meal you like taking at chicken George restaurants or tantalizers, when you do not have Christ.  They won't spare you when it is their time to spike you.  God will help you to fight your battle if you allow him.  As I did ask in the preceding chapter, whose report will you believe?  My former colleague and friend believed his doctor's medical report.  He killed himself before AIDS could actually kill him!  What a tragedy!

However, wait a minute.  What happened to our sister from Port Harcourt, whom the doctor also diagnosed and certified HIV/AIDS positive?  Did she die?  Did she kill herself?  No!  She collected the medical report.  She refused to believe it.  She went back home to take an inventory of her life over the years of her faithful service to the Lord.  She reckoned to herself how she and husband have been faithful to each other for about 17 years of blissful married life.

She realized that her incurable disease was a direct attack from the pit of hell; she did not allow depression, anxiety, fear, sorrow and tension to deprive her of making her request known to the Lord. The Lord in his infinite love and mercy came to reveal the source of her problem. She tackled it headlong with victory accorded her.  After her healing came forth spiritually, she went back to her doctor for another round of medical check up!

Attention Please!  What greeted her arrival at the same hospital was the shocking apology from the medical director of that facility.  In fact, they thought she must have died of complications arising from the fears of discovering she was HIV/AIDS positive.  They were terribly wrong as their own report was also sincerely wrong and up turned by the Lord!

They apologized to her for their inefficiency because their findings later gave them away.  They have discovered that their computer/machine used to diagnose her case at that time (over 9 months earlier) had a serious technical fault, which they never realized until at a later period.  All those they diagnosed during that period tested positive, whereas they were to be negative.  She accepted their apology.  However, what about those people who had out of shock died of emotional trauma.  Some committed suicide because they felt the society had paid them back with a bad coin.

What I want to chip in here is this. The enemy may have sponsored that evil report by breaking down that machine or made it to read positive for people of destiny like her, so they may score against themselves and thus opt for the hangman's noose!  What a tragedy when you scored to defeat yourself. There is nothing that satanic agent would not do to ensure mankind is frustrated, especially God's own people.  He made them his primary target.  Nevertheless, our God is strong and mighty and up to something.

Don't take medical reports for granted.  Even where it is confirm correct, the LORD changes impossible situations.  Every sickness has a spirit remember.  In addition, each sickness and disease has a name.  Nevertheless, at the name of Jesus Christ which is above every nameable names, call the name of that sickness and cast it out, I tell you it must bow.  Cancer of the lungs, or breast, leukemia, HIV/AIDS, STD, TB, brain tumor, fibroid, cardialgia, candidi-asis etc. check it out with the name of the LORD Jesus Christ, healing are children's bread.  He heals also from the sources physically and spiritually.  This is not homeopathy -I mean Christ's healing is the very genuine healing that has baffles both homeopathy and medical sciences since ages past.



Having heard so much about this dreaded virus, every concerned heart will normally ask the above pertinent question.  There is nothing to shy away from here.  We provide the following time tested answers.  However, we advise you use your own sanctified wisdom to accept the truth compatible with what is on the ground.


It is repeatedly said that one should stay and remain faithful to one partner.  Especially to one whom you have known for years.  Where you are not disciplined and faithful to stick to one partner but jumped from one person to the other for sexual pleasures; just go and price the cost of your casket from a nearby undertaker.  Your funeral will not be too far away.  Read Proverbs 5:15 - 19

2.         SELF CONTROL

Avoid casual, indiscriminate, or pronto sexual escapades.  The Bible said something very serious - Here it is:

"He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down and without walls."

Proverbs 25:28 - KJV

Another translation puts it very clear, for our understanding as follows:

"Like a city broken into, left without a wall, so is a person who lacks self control" Proverbs 25:28 - (GWN)

3.         CONDOM

Caution is the word!  Tame your appetite.  Some people have always advocated safe sex using condoms from start to finish.  However, recent statistics have revealed that condom no longer condole libidinous men and women of lower virtue as it has proved otherwise.  This is due to linkages, breakages, and defective products now flooding the carnal market of people with randy notions.  We do not hesitate to recommend (for our readers and those who care to listen that) total abstinence for the unmarried is the safest and best antidote for HIV/AIDS infection.


The only safety valve and guarantee to escaping the evil scourge in HIV/AIDS is total abstinence. The book of Hebrews 13:4 made us to understand that sex is exclusively for the married. And it should be enjoyed only in that context. If you must have sex, pay the price.  Get married. Were you cannot marry for any reason - just stay away from sexual intercourse - whether protected or not. Outside of HIV/AIDS, be sure that you must pay dearly and give account to God for what you do with your own body outside this context of marriage relationship between husband and wife. This is our word.

5.        SCREEN BLOOD

Do not accept unscreened blood (no mater how urgent your case may be) were you must be given blood transfusion for yourself or for loved one.  Over the years, outside the fear of HIV/AIDS, some unscreened blood has gotten the detection to carry other killer diseases such as hepatitis.

In December 2000, a dear Christian relation of mine took ill.  She had fibroid.  We admitted her at a private hospital somewhere in Benin City Nigeria.  On the day set apart for the surgical operation, the doctor asked us to buy 3 pints of blood for her.  I never forget the experience I had then.  We got the three pints of blood from a reputable blood bank in town. However, two hours into the operation, one of the medical staff came and asked me to go for another pint of blood.  The staff explained to me that one of the pints of blood we had bought earlier contained hepatitis €˜B'.  How grateful I was to God and to the staff and management of that medical outfit am best imagine than explained here.

What would have been the case if they had not screened the pints of blood themselves?  There should be someone, no matter the emergency, who should be careful enough to supervise and medically confirm that the pint of blood bought from any blood bank is screened before, been transfused.  Even if it is just been donated there by the patient's parents, loved ones or through commercial blood donor - screen the blood I beg of you!


Make sure you do not share un-sterilized needles, syringes, blades, knives, barbing clippers and other sharp objects used as skin piercing tools during circumcision, surgical operations, tribal marks, tattoos, earring, nose, child delivery etc.

7.         DESTROY TOOLS

When you use new tools such as razor blades, and syringes, please be sure you don't pass it to another person.  Do not also use any tools already used by another fellow.  Destroy blades and syringes immediately after use. Throw them away to where nobody may have access to use them again.


Go to the health centre or hospital for injection to ensure that they sterilize the instruments well.  Be reminded here too, that it is not advisable to always take injection for all cases.  You can as well treat that ailment with medicine put in tablets.  According to recent research made by NAFDAC, one should give injection only to someone who is sick and very weak to swallow tablets.

9.         SUPERVISION

Where you are physically fit and healthy, especially where you visit barbing saloons, always insist on barbers sterilizing their barbing clippers, scissors etc in your presence before it is use on your head.  Preferably, it is advisable you buy one yourself.



This thing we are talking about is here with us. There are no two ways about it. Sometimes when you see some people going about with black clothes strapped over their body with sad looks, mourning the death of their loved ones, you feel less concerned.  Where you see others carrying the casket of their loved ones past you to its final resting place, you do not have the pains none feel the pulse of their sorrow.  Not until it happens to you and you are involved, you may not appreciate the value of kindness or a soft word of course spoken to someone in distress during grieving moments.

We cannot conclude this book without letting you know you have a role to play in the life of any hurting victim of HIV/AIDS. Especially were such a victim is a family member, a loved one, a former colleague/acquaintance or a church member.  You should, as a matter of courtesy, decorum, and hospitality, know how to handle or care for such a person you know has contracted HIV/AIDS.  Remember, all victims did not that actually lead a wayward or promiscuous life.  Some had infection not because of their fault, like someone who may catch it through un-sterilized materials or blood transfusion.

Be that as it may, the onus now rests on your shoulder to provide care and support for this loved ones. If it is not for all time, but for the brief moment you have the time with the AIDS victim, try to provide succor in one or all of the following ways:

"Always do for other people everything you want them to do for you.  That is the meaning of Moses' teachings and the prophets" Matthew 7:12 (GWN)

1. You should always learn to treat the sick person like any other sick folk who needs your love, support, care, love, attention, and understanding.

2. Treat and handle the person the way you would want others to handle you when you are sick.  How do you feel whenever you are sick?  What do you wish to get from anyone who cares to sympathize with you?  Give such care also to this sick comrade.  Remember your good old times together with that dying comrade.

3. Remove fear

"God has not given unto us, the spirit of fear, but of love, and of a sound mind."

2Timothy 1:7 (KJV)

You should not be afraid of the sick person.  Do not run away from him/her in as much, as your contact with such a one is not a sexual affair.  You have no need to fear been infected.

4. If you are a Christian yourself, pray for the salvation of this HIV/AIDS patient.  Read the Bible aloud to him or her.  Help this person to claim the promises of eternal life.  Do not condemn this person or nag this fellow at this critical time of the person's life.  Remember, it could be you!

5. Show a loving attitude to this person.  Show him or her how to become save and born again, if he or she has not had the new birth experience.

6. Help this dear one to get the basic things he or she may request for the daily upkeep. If you are not using your own money, but at least the little he or she is providing should be taken from him or her by you to provide the necessary things at the disposal of the sick person. Do not stand aloof to watch this person suffer to prepare or buy food, struggle to the toilet, struggle to have bath, wash clothes etc.

At least for the few days, weeks or months such a one has to live more on earth - show that you care. Treat the person as your own.  Even if, it has not been HIV/AIDS, do you not normally care for such a one in other related matters before now?  What is the difference?

7. Take him/her to see a doctor.  At the onset of this discourse, we mentioned, not all symptoms of illness are really HIV/AIDS virus related.  Some people suffer in part, because of fear, shame, ignorance, timidity, or poverty.

Your care for this fellow should be thorough.  You can put this folk in your car to go for his or her medical check up if you have one.  You could help him refill his/her medical prescription.  You could as well finance his or her transport where you may not be physically present at the hospital.

8. Take the fellow to the church or to your pastor.  Above all, give this folk the "assurance of life after death" Apostle Paul said, "If our hope in Christ is only anchored on the material comfort of this earth, then, we deserved to be pitied" (Read 1Corinthians 15:19).

Irrespective of the cause or causes of one's death, all of us must die in one form or the other.  Let us not be deceived at all about it.  The bible teaches that there is life after death.  Let this person know that the pains and agony he or she is going through is a necessary means, but not an end to living.

Again in 2 Corinthians 4:16 - 18, let's hear what the Bible says:

"That is why we are not discouraged.  Though outwardly we are wearing out, inwardly we are renewed day by day.  Our suffering is light and temporary and is producing for us an eternal glory that is greater than anything we can imagine. We don't look for things that can be seen but for things that can't be seen.  Things (like sickness -HIV AIDS in the body) that can be seen are only temporary.  But things that can't be seen such as the soul) last forever.

If you cannot be a pastor to this sick folk, be a teacher. And were you cannot be a teacher, be a nurse or a caregiver to support this fellow morally, and emotionally. Help this victim to prepare for eternity!  You will never regret you did.  After all, some people were told in the scripture. "Put your house in order and prepare to die"Apostle Paul the sage re-echoed again in 1 Corinthians 5:1 - 4 saying:

"We know (i.e. you and I) that if the life we live here on earth is ever taken down like a tent, we still have a building from God. (Amen). It is an eternal house in heaven. After we have put it on, we won't be naked. While we are in this tent, we sigh. We feel distressed because we don't want to take off the tent, but we do want to put on the eternal house. Then eternal life will put an end to our mortal existence" (1Cor.5: 1-4 GWN)

These are suiting words that will necessarily suite the soul of a dying man who knows where he is going and how to get there.  Be a positive force for change.  Think about AIDS.  Think about the young people of your generation.  You too can do something about AIDS.  You can, and you must change those behaviors that put you at risk of HIV/AIDS infection.



Today it is the other man's turn. Tomorrow it may be the turn of another person.  While we have the time today, let us show that we care. Many people are shying away from this onerous responsibility for fear of contacting this dreaded disease.  Get the perspective right.  Take action against HIV/AIDS.  Do not get scared.  Be involved; come out from your shells.  You cannot get HIV AIDS from casual contacts such as-

1.         Touching, holding or hugging a person with HIV AIDS This is where it is established that there is no open wound, sore or injury in the place you are touching. Remember Jesus in the bible touched even the body of a dead person.  At another occasion, a woman with chronic bleeding came to touch Jesus.  Read:

A woman who had been suffering from chronic bleeding for twelve years was in the crowd.  No one could cure her.  Jesus said, "Someone touched me." However, Jesus took her hand and called out "child gets up." Emphasis, mine Luke 8:43, 45, 48 -55


Although these symptoms may carry other diseases, however be rest assured that your casual contacts with a HIV/AIDS patient who is coughing or sneezing do not automatically sign you away as a victim as well.


Remember all the salient points we have made about how to handle or care for an HIV/AIDS patient. Do the best you can to look after this person. You will not be a victim for taking care.


The usual practice sometimes for people is to abandon their loved ones with the HIV/AIDS virus to fate.  They keep them away from the home or left to die in the isolation ward of the hospital.  If they were to live under the same roof with this people, they become fretful and agitated.  The married couple don't mind taking the back door to desert the home. We have not had any report of people who caught AIDS because they lived in the same house with an HIV/AIDS patient, at least not for now.


We have established earlier that one can get infection with the HIV/AIDS virus when you share the same objects like un-sterilized needles, razor blades, barbers clipper etc with the HIV/AIDS victim.  However, there has not been any report that someone has infection with this disease by eating or drinking from the same plate, pot, or cup used by an HIV/AIDS patient.

6.         The fact remains clear that no one has contacted AIDS through using the same toilet facilities with HIV/AIDS victim.  It is true that someone can contract other sexually transmitted diseases such as candidiasis from the toilet.  However, since the toilet has no traces of blood on the plate, do not resist yourself when you are having the call of nature to use the facility.  Some will even stand on top of the plate that sometimes gets the toilet PVC plate destroyed.

7. Do not fear bathing in the same pond, swimming pool, bathroom etc. with an AIDS patient especially when you known there is no blood or open wound in that person's body.

8. Insects - There no known records for now that insects such as mosquitoes and bedbugs transmit AIDS.



As we are coming closer to the peak of our discussions, I want to ask you my reader the following questions.  It is with confidence that you will answer them and bring the truth nearer home to your self.  The questions are as follows.


Some people suffer in part, because of fear, shame, ignorance, timidity, or poverty.  The recent research on HIV/AIDS pandemic in Nigeria shows that we have progressed above the creation of awareness and orientation.  I am happy for some of men of God such as the venerable Dr. Enoch Adejare Adeboye, Senior Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Worldwide.  He is on the air in our National Network news media compelling men and women to go for self-test.  What is your HIV/AIDS status?  Do you know it?


This is the crux of the matter.  The problem we have at hand today is that Nigerians do not want to know their HIV/AIDS status.  Earlier on, it costs very dearly here in the Country to get a HIV test.  I did my test in year 2004 when the cost of HIV/AIDS test was between #3,000 and #5,000.00 at some private Medical centers.  However, the story has changed today with time.  With my chest out, I boast with confidence about my negative HIV/AIDS status. I know very well that I have not done anything funny  with  my body over the years. Any time soon, I may still go for a test.  Therefore, I ask you my friend, what is your HIV/AIDS status?  Have you gone for the test?  If not, why not?  To me, the risk of not knowing your HIV/AIDS status is far higher than the knowledge of your status!

We are no more talking about the existence of the disease that has come to stay with mankind.  We are now on the next level of knowing your HIV/AIDS status.  Through the help of many donor agencies and the Federal Government proactive measures, many Medical Centers across the land now offer free confidential HIV/AIDS test and counseling services nation wide.

In State owned hospitals for instance, you see a sign post "Heart to Heart Talk."  That is an indication that anyone can walk in right there to have a free consultancy offered to the person without stress.  The result of the test is a confidential matter that will be giving to the fellow free of charge!  I think this is the biggest miracle so far.  This fellow too, if tests positive, has the added advantage of getting free retrovirus drugs from the Government sponsored agencies.

Many people are dying daily in their droves, from sicknesses and diseases that relate to HIV/AIDS without knowing!  Such people could have still live longer than the time they died if they have been bold enough to visit the hospital to know their status.  However, they died early because they never bothered to know their status.  This trend is getting worsen everyday with its attendant immediate and remote consequences that it posses to the generality of human existence. Such men and women while they live may in one form or the other give the infections to innocent victims unawares.  Meanwhile, the vicious circle of infections will continue unabated.

First, I want to encourage Churches, mosques and other religious bodies to take responsibility in preaching the goodwill message, compelling your teaming worshippers to go for HIV/AIDS free test.  It is a part of your obligations to lead these adherents aright by presenting the common truth of our everyday life to them without much ado.  It does not cost you any addition stress to do this, when already you are on their bill every week to give charges, sermons, admonitions, and exhortations before them at your various places of worship.


Do not get married to any fellow you do not know his or her HIV/AIDS status.  You must be able to see or handle the burden of proof through a certified medical report.  Do not hurry into any quick or fast fixed marriages without checking this out.  Let it be the fellow came from the moon this night and would want to go back with you first thing tomorrow morning.  Place a value for your life.  This is your life-express it to its fullness.  Both of you must go for HIV/AIDS tests!

Respect the dignity and sanctity of human value and origin.  Everything has its time and season.  Create the time for that medical test immediately, because that is the season.  He who is crying must still see or recognize where he is going.  Is not true sir?  Love is not actually blind.  It only closed its eyes against a loved one's shortfall by tolerance, understanding, and acceptance. However, you cannot afford to close your eyes against this costly avoidable slow death by the whiskers. Go for the main menu of your marriage.

I knew of a young man who had a traditional marriage.  In few years, his wife died from the complications arising from HIV/AIDS in 2001.  Within the following six/nine months, he had jumped -started his life again with another fancy lady.  Just two yeas later (2004), after the new marriage that gave both of them a bouncing baby boy, the second woman took ill.

It was at that point someone referred the young man to our counseling office.  I did not waste time to go visiting the sick lady, after taking the man's history.  My goodness!  It was a horrible sight.  The lady was a shadow of herself.  As I saw she was a sack of bones; skeletal like the agama lizard.  I mobilized for resources and quickly arranged for her medical attention. The three hospitals we took her to rejected her.  In fact, she was just a living corpse!  It was the third hospital the UBTH - Benin City Nigeria that told us before rejecting her, that she was an HIV/AIDS victim.

I do not need someone to tell me.  I only wanted to be humane and medically sure of what her ailment was.  She died two days later.  I will not be able to tell you the humiliations, instigations and the sneering tortures we passed through in the hands of the lady's parents.  This was because they got the news later that the cruel hands of AIDS virus had widowed the young man earlier.  Therefore, for their daughter to die of the same symptoms in the hand of the same fellow, hell was let loose.  "Is his penis a woman destroyer?" They asked us.  Just as I am putting these pieces together right now, they have buried this young man few months ago in the village.

I am a preacher.  What is the import of this message?  I am trying to sound it clear that not all that glisters are gold.  Go for the real thing.  Find out the medical details of whom you want to marry!  If you cannot be bold to ask your partner to show you his or her HIV/AIDS status, use a trusted/tested proxy like your pastor, elder, marriage counselor, or a community health care worker you can easily confide on his or her sense of judgments.  In fact, go with the person yourself and have both of you tested to be sure the result is not doctored!  This will save you a million dollar sorrow, anxiety, heartbreak, grieves, trauma and above all, the reckless abandonment, humiliation, disgrace and life long stigma it will give your orphaned children.  Do not say nobody   told you!

Never take anyone for granted.  After all, life goes on even after you die.  He who is first to die only becomes the meat for other vultures in the animal kingdom.  Better, be careful to celebrate your life.  You can opt out of that marriage proposal where both of you do not reach an agreement to submit yourselves to HIV/AIDS tests by a competent medical personnel.  With grace, patience and perseverance, the original mate for you will come.  He or she will definite yield to good talk.

Where you fail to heed this timely counsel, I will not hesitate to tell you that the gravediggers will soon be going to measure the size of the grave for you, while the carpenter is about finishing nailing your coffin!  You had better forbid before you say God forbids!


From the beginning of this book till this final chapters, we have talked extensively about AIDS - what it is all about, how to recognize its symptoms, the care for the victims, how not to contact it among other issues.  However, we want to bring this subject closer home.  Have you tested positive to HIV/AIDS yourselves?  Here is hope for you and those close to you.



The Bible consistently affirms that God cares for everyone.  This is without regards for physical or spiritual condition or status in the society.  More than anything else, the Bible reveals, the special love and concern God has for those whom society ignores or excludes.  Do not think you have come to the end of everything.  Hear this:

"Come to me, all who are tired from carrying heavy loads and I will give you rest".  Matthew 11:28 (GWN)

1. Jesus is emphasizing His loving care through what He taught.  What He did and with how He lived.  This is why He is still extending His right hand of friendship to you today.  First, come to Him as a child comes to its father.  Do not think He will resist you because of your present status.  He doesn't cast aspersion on any one, nor has He insinuations against you. I implore you, come to Him because you are the object of His love!  Read aloud, Romans 8:31 - 39 or tell someone to read it for you.

2. We live in a society where people celebrate and rejoice at other people's misfortunes and shortcomings.  This is not the case with God.  The society is quick to judge, condemn and crucify people who do not measure up to their expectations.

God doesn't love like the people of the world.  Listen to John: "God sent His son into the world, not to condemn the world but to save the world.  Those who believe in Him won't be condemned" John 3:17 - 18 (GWN).

"If anyone hears my words and doesn't follow them, I don't condemn them.  I didn't come to condemn the world but to save the world."  John 12:47

In Matthew 9:9-13, we read as follows:

"When Jesus was leaving that place, He saw a man sitting in a tax office. The man's name was Matthew.  Jesus said to him, "follow me!" so Mathew got up and followed him."  Later Jesus was having dinne

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