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Bi-directional (Two-way) Electricity Energy Saving Monitor and Control System from Sailwider Electronics

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Bi-directional (Two-way) Electricity Energy Saving Monitor and Control System from Sailwider Electronics

Sailwider's wireless bi-directional electrical power monitor and control system can monitor up to 14 appliances in one house at the same time and can also be used as a remote controller for every connected appliance to switch it on/off just from the monitor. Each appliance need one power inductor plug (data collection sensor terminal). Plug the inductor first into the power supply, then use the inductor as the power socket for the monitored appliance. All inductors work with the monitor together bi-directionally so that the monitor can receive information and send instruction from/to each inductor. The system works through RF 433MHz wireless transmission technology.

The system is simply consisted by a bi-directional monitor and a number of power inductor plugs (data collection sensor terminals). The number of the power inductor plug should be decided by the quantity of the monitored objects. One bi-directional monitor can support up to 14 appliances.

The monitor displays the power consuming status and the carbon dioxide accordingly produced in power plant and forecast the electrical power cost of one hour, one day or one month for all monitored objects in summary or for one single selected monitored object. It also has the functions of date and time display.

When the monitored appliance is powered on, its corresponding button on the monitor displays in pink color, so the monitor can tell which appliances are powered on and which appliances are powered off.

To make the date and time as well as the Cost (per hour, per day and per month) to display correctly on the screen, certain settings need to be done first after the monitor is powered on.

The system installation is very simple. Keep the monitor in one appropriate place and connect it to a power supply. Then attach the appliance to the power inductor plug (data collection terminal) and connect the power inductor plug to a power supply. After registration of the inductor (sensor) with the monitor, the system begins to work and start to monitor the power consuming conditions of the monitored appliance in real time. If more appliances need to be monitored, just use more inductor plugs to repeat the same way. A note regarding the numbers and their corresponding appliances is necessary since the appliances are monitored and controlled through their number key on the monitor.

All monitored appliance can be turned on/off just through the monitor remotely. This provide great convenience for the energy management.

Sailwider's multi-socket sensor plug adapter can be used to attach to one inductor plug, in that case all appliances attached to the multi-socket sensor plug adapter will be monitored as one object.

Technical Specification of the Bi-directional (Two-way) Electricity Energy Saving Monitor and Control System:

Power Range: 5W--2.5KW
Remote Control Distance: 200m (outdoor), 30-80m (indoor)
Wireless Operating Frequency: 433MHZ
Operating Temp Range: <80%
Operating Humidity level: -20--60„ƒ
Power DC: 4.5V--100MA
Size: 140*86*28mm
Weight: 168g
Overload Voltage Indicator: ‰¥115% of electric supply
Low Voltage Indicator: ‰¤85% of electric supply
Overload Indicator: To be set by the user

Sailwider Electronics is a professional company and reliable manufacturer integrated with R & D, manufacturing and service. The factory is ISO9001:2000 certified and has an area of 20, 000 square meters with more than 500 staff. Sailwider owns well-managed molding facilities, SMT lines, injection workshops, assembly lines and R & D labs. The strong R & D team is with rich experience in industrial design, plane design, mechanical design and electronics design.

Quick understanding to customers' request and acute sense to technologies are the main reasons why Sailwider can establish long time business relationship with famous brands. Sailwider has quickly maintained a strong presence in the international market for the past years, during which time a solid name for Reliability, Quality, Service, and Efficiency have been built for Sailwider.

Sailwider welcomes every opportunity to cooperate with you and treasure every chance to be your most reliable supplier and manufacturer.

Professional energy-saving products manufacturer in China. Developer, manufacturer and exporter specialized in design and developing ODM wireless energy saving monitor and control management system.

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