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Beware Of The Earn Extra Income Timeshare Salesman

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

Last Wednesday, just before bed, I filled out one of those innumerable Earn Extra Income opportunity forms, inserted my phone number (fool!) then promptly forgot about it. With so many Earn Extra Income opportunities floating around no doubt you have done this more than once as well.

Well, this morning, I received a call from half-way round the world from a representative, a Vice-President (VP) no less, from the Earn Extra Income crowd to which I had submitted my form. Our dialogue followed a canned routine along the lines of:

Vice-president (VP):
You have been selected randomly from a sample of 4000 private individuals that we really don't have time for because we are making millions from our corporate work but we need your testimonial on how you succeeded with us. However I will see if I can fit you in to speak with Mr Kapfoopsis who has a very busy schedule; but first he will want to assess from what you tell me now as to whether he really wants to speak with you anyway.
Now how many credit cards do you have? Do you have any dependant children? How badly do you really need extra income. Oh, is your husband there?

Yes, my husband is home but he does not know the back-end of a computer from its front and he doesn't care to.

Oh, I must speak with him too.

Now VP knew his script. He just kept asking me questions to which I could only respond with a "yes" answer. By this technique he spoke to both my husband and myself, crouched over the one phone handset. After 45 minutes we both said yes to speaking with his Mr Kapfoopsis, at 8am the next morning.

I did say to VP that my main interest was in affiliate direct sales of information products. Then I asked if he can help me with this. I dictated to him my personal website – hoping that he may get a feel for what really interested me. He reassured me that they have many specialists they can draw on to help me and that I should be open to the idea of having diverse ways to work my business. Of course, I said "yes" again.

He did add that some people are only willing to spend some hundreds each month while the really successful ones spend some thousands.

I should have stopped him then and there.

After lunch, my husband said that I should cancel the scheduled call for the morrow morn. I didn't really need to question him on this because I had the same uneasy feeling that we had been subjected to a smooth-talking salesman, the like of which we hadn't encountered since the eighties when the now highly regarded Timeshare Industry had its reputation tarnished by high pressure sales tactics.

We realized that we were in the process of being sold expensive online training on how to be successful at earning extra income online.

Now you know, and I know, that such training exists, in well-written text form, all over the internet. In most cases it is free, or if packaged well to save time, it can be bought for at for up to a hundred bucks or so at most.

My negativity increased as the day wore on as no email arrived from VP or anyone else from his expert busy organization to say that they had taken the miniscule effort to look at my site and say whether or not they could provide me with a value-proposition.

I cancelled the call.

So, if you are desperate for extra income from you internet activities don't be so desperate as to fall for this sales spiel. Don't give your phone number. They will email you if they really need to speak with you. In this way you can keep control.

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