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Beware of Harmful Defective Products

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 37   |   Comments: 0

Most of the companies, these days are striving to reduce cost at all ends. The easiest cut that most of the manufacturers or other producers see is the cut in the raw material. This includes, lowering the quantity and also the quality of the raw materials involved. Most of the companies even outsource their manufacturing to low labor cost countries like China, and at times quality is compromised as the standards of quality are not high.

When such steps are taken, then the direct impact is on the products rolled out in the market. And at times, consumers of the products are the sufferers. These low quality products are heavy not only on the consumer's pocket but also their health and might even cause serious injuries.

Like the recent case of deaths of infants in China on consumption of a defective batch of packaged milk. Similarly a batch of defective toys manufactured in China and exported to the US was rejected on the grounds of health.

The product itself might be defective because of negligence either of the producers or of the big chain between the producer and the consumer. The product might be made up of poor raw material which might be harmful or during the supply chain the product might get affected by its surroundings and get contaminated with harmful ingredients, foreign objects etc. At times the packaging it self might be defective.

Some examples of defective products are include a decomposed mouse in a soft drink bottle, an unpackaged prophylactic in a bottle of Coke, a decomposed moth in a bottle of Tab, slivers of glass in a soft drink and a can of spinach infested with worms. The most famous of course being the decomposed human toe in chewing tobacco.

When such products are consumed and a death or a personal injury occurs to the consumer then the liability is on the producer, distributor, importer, retailer or other supplier of products. But generally the manufacturer pass on the blame to the supplier and the supplier pass on the ball to the transporter.

So it is better that the consumer remain careful while consuming dubious products, if not ignoring them all together. Consuming such defected products might be injurious to health and at times, fatal. The law is taking these cases very seriously and trying to make the manufacturer as much responsible as they can. These cases fall under the law known as Products Liability. If found guilty, the license of the manufacturer can be cancelled and he will have to compensate the affected.

Not just the manufacturer, everyone in the chain is made more accountable, like the designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer. They have to make sure that the product reaching the consumer is safe. And anyone and everyone associated with the sale of the defected product have to compensate the affected person, even if the victim is not able to prove that the intention of the seller of the product was malicious or negligent.

But these claims are not easy to get so it is better that as a consumer, extra concern is paid while consuming products and prevent from consuming products from dubious brands.

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