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Best Ways to Choose Cradle Bedding

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 166   |   Comments: 0

Many modern dads and moms are harking back to easier times when little ones slept in their rooms with them and are choosing to put their babies down at night into a cradle. And room decorators are noticing. There are now tons of choices in cradle bedding, so every mother or father can choose something that fits them. Even if you choose to keep a cradle in the infant's bedroom or a different area of the house, you should be able to locate cradle cradle bedding that matches.

When selecting cradle bedding, first parents should decide on what colors or themes they would like to use in their baby's space. Many opt for gender neutral cradle bedding, so that it can be reused with future kids or in many rooms. Other families wish to be more specific and settle on a particular boy or girl color scheme.  And they will not be disappointed when they go on a search for cradle bedding simply because options abound. There are muted colors, vivid colors, geometric patterns, floral designs, stripes with polka dots, stripes with no polka dots, truly anything that you might think of.

The following step to picking the perfect cradle bedding is to measure the actual cradle and mattress that will be used. It is really critical for a little one's safety that all bedding items utilized fit snugly and there is no slack. The chance of SIDS rises with loose cradle bedding or extraneous pillows and stuffed toys left in a cradle. With the measurements in hand, you have a greater chance of acquiring cradle bedding that is safe and fits well. By no means use bedding in a cradle that wasn't supposed to be used for that purpose.

Another safety item to take into account is the cradle bumper. They aren't common in cradles, but a few manufacturers do make cradle bedding bumpers. If you choose to go with a set that includes this item, either leave it out or make sure it is not super puffy. Once again, super puffy bedding is not safe for infants, no matter how cute it is. The bumper, if included, should be made of quality material.

Lastly, never buy only one sheet for your cradle. You most likely should not buy just two either. Eventually, your little bundle of joy will have a leaky diaper or a middle of the night illness that necessitates changing the sheets. Keep additional, coordinated cradle bedding nearby, so you will constantly be prepared.

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